What goes with red heels?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Just bought a pair of these red wedges (on sale!!) and I`m trying to plan an outfit to wear to go out clubbing. What would go with these shoes?

    I was thinking maybe a black top/black skirt and perhaps some red accessories? (thick bracelet/bohemian bead necklace)

    Would wearing a red top/bottom be too much red?
    Thanks :love::love:

  2. I wouldn't wear a red top because if you don't then your shoes will be the center of attention! And those are SO CUTE! they should have the attention
  3. I just bought Red Heels at Aldo & I wear it with any outfit that doesn't have red in it. Then I wear red accessories =)
  4. i say ditch the red accessories.. go all black then BAM all u notice is red heels.. u dont wanna look like u tried too hard to MATCH
  5. I think ditch the red accessories as well. what about denim and black with the red heels? Or white jeans with a black top. Stick with gold or silver.
  6. I say a black dress with either a red belt or a red bangle on your wrist. Not both! The skirt of the dress should flow and "float" the eyes down to the shoes, which are lovely.
  7. ^^
    I think they'd look so great with all black and only one red accessory!
  8. Personally, I don't wear black with anything except black, I feel that black cheapens colours.
    I am also a fan of red though!:biggrin: So I would say go head to toe in red!but easy on the accessories! just the shoes, a fabulous red dress & maybe a small clutch :biggrin:

    Just my opinion :flowers:
  9. oooh they'd look good with skinny white jeans, white top, red belt and red bracelet/necklace
  10. i agree with white on the bottom, but instead of pants, how about white short shorts? they'll look summer perfect and if your legs are even slightly tanned, they'll elongate and be sexy at the same time.

    for top, i'd either go with a tube top or halter top. it should be long enough to cover top of short shorts. here are some pics from Shopbop for ideas...
    ellam1040014459_201x396.jpg susan1036510110_94x185.jpg
  11. love those shoes! i was actually looking at them myself last weekend at Nordstrom!
    i love the idea of red with khaki, maybe some of those new longer shorts...that would be really cute, imo.
  12. Oooo what shoes did you get ?
    I want to get these ones...
    red shoes .jpg
  13. Very stylish, Great find!!

  14. everyone has great ideas for outfits! :love:
    i`m going to try out the white/red idea! sounds soo cute!

    i tried out the all black + silver accessories with one red accessory + red heels last night ;) i loved it but my feet were crying after 1 night of dancin` in those red shoes :crybaby:but had to act like I was perfectly fine b`cuz.. gotta suffer for beauty :supacool::supacool: