What goes? What stays?

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  1. I'm going to get right to the point! I have the last two bags. I want to swap them for the first two.

    Is it a :tup: OR Is it a:tdown:

    I'm in loooooooove with the white Ergo @ (263.00) It's been on my mind for days. Time to make a move:wondering


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  2. If you feel the need for change - then by all means - move forward. Change is good. I like the white Ergo a lot. It will brighten your summer look.
  3. I like the white ergo.
  4. I agree with graberg, betty!:tup:

    And those 2 newer bags are TDF!
  5. Love the white ergo!
  6. white ergo!
  7. white ergo is gorgeous and the khaki patchwork will go with just about anything!
  8. That White Ergo is tdf...it's also very light!
  9. The white ergo is gorgeous...go for it! :smile:
  10. I'm going against the grain...I love the brown/white signature bag. How do you swap? I would love that bag ( if you don't mind)
  11. The brown/white signature is a hot bag! I should have said "exchange" instead of swap. I'll just be exchanging the other bags. Purse envy, they did have one left yesterday afternoon.
  12. im going to get the large white ergo tote and the large vinatge one....waiting....jun 21.....
  13. Yes! I think the swap is not only pretty it's smart. You have a fabulous tote and a great every day bag! Go get them!

  14. I think so too..Well, at 4pm today I am going to get my goodies:yahoo:Can't wait to show you all!
  15. white ergo!