what goes in ?

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  1. calling all ledbury owners,
    i have just ordered the choc ledbury in nvt having seen in in real life it just looks super chic but wondering how she copes with everyday life

    what can you girls fit in yours comfortably
    not been nosey i just wondered if it is practical for its size i know some bags can be deceptive from the outside xx:P
  2. I only got mine (oak) a week ago and took it out for the first time today. I stuffed it with:

    -smithfield wallet (rather small)
    -fold up pocket umbrella
    -phone (thin/small phone)
    -small cosmetics bag

    and there was still some room left (but barely). Great bag, I wouldn't know what else I'd need to put in there. Congrats on your new bag, I sure love my Ledbury :yes:
  3. oohh loving it already thankyou xx
    was yours from an outlet without the pocket? now i am being nosey hehe xx
  4. I'm curious too! I'm wanting a nvt leather one in choco aswell!!!
  5. It is the only bag I have that I can easily find everything in!
  6. I got mine from the Mulberry boutique in Amsterdam. It is regular darwin/natural leather with the adjustable straps and interior pocket but without feet (unfortunately - I love feet!) Here's my reveal thread about her http://forum.purseblog.com/mulberry/reveal-time-finally-343058.html

    She really is my favourite bag at the moment :rolleyes:
  7. Hi jo they have another one at cheshire oaks in choc nvt both i am told were in superb condition no lumpy bits or scratches ( i bought one over the phone) and with the 10% off its great xx
    i am so glad it is an easy to find contents kinda bag!!
    thankyou for you reveal post g i had forgotten all about that post
    the one i have ordered is without the pocket and without feet but i use the vip bag liners so that won't bother me too much
    nice to see it fits on the crook of your arm very audrey hepburn
    you look fab with ledbury :heart:
  8. What I carry in my E/W Bays I can fit in my Ledbury. If I get a chance tomorrow I'll take some pics.
  9. Hula had posted the contents of her Ledbury on the Whats Inside Your Mulberry thread.

  10. ^^^ I was just about to go searching for that pic, thanks riff! Bayley, there is still quite a lot of space in my ledbury even with the above stuff in it. I find it the most handy bag for geting stuff in and out, and it holds a fair amount.
  11. hula and riff thankyou for your input:tup: i feel totally confident now in impulsing into ledbury instead of waiting for e/w
    i am soooo in love with effie i think i just about have all bases covered with shoulder bag and super choc hand held i am glad it is big enough for the essentials xx

    i am not a tote girl x