What goes better with white-Patent Blush or Dark Silver?

  1. SO I've been playing around with my dark silver reissue,and the bottom seems like it can be molded a bit better so it doesnt sag, and i think if stored right itm ay be able to be "Trained."

    Here's where I am at. I really wanted a bag that goes well with white.

    Is the dark silver to harsh to go with white? Should I search from a patent blush flap (which i think I found) instead? Is the patent blush more versatile to go out at night with than dark silver?
  2. I love my patent blush, but I find I wear it for more dressy occassions with browns and navy and even black, it is a very neutral bag...not quite the statement maker that silver is...I think silver with white would look stunning personally! you cannot go wrong either way though. Can you do both ? :roflmfao:
  3. I think definately dark silver and white the combo would be stunning!
  4. I have both colors... and both will go with white but give different looks if you know what I mean. The blush patent is very demure & pretty, dark silver is more striking.
  5. i would go for the blush patent ... it's so feminin(sp?), chic yet classy ... & will never go out of style .. ;)
  6. It probably depends on what kind of white outfits you are talking about - if it is more modern and rocker i would go with the dark silver, but if it is more feminine and understated i would go with the blush patent flap. HTH!