what goes better with jeans and a black tailored top: mini lin ebony or dune? :)

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  1. just wondering what your opinion is.. :smile:

    the ebony is dark brown right?
  2. dune
  3. Dune will stand out more compared to the ebony.
  4. dune for sure
  5. thanks everyone! :smile:

    my friend was telling me the dark mini lin is black but it isn't right? can anyone confirm this? :smile:
  6. Dune would look best with that outfit. :yes:
  7. The ebene mini lin is a dark brown, not black. Personally I'd choose neither since IMO neither dark brown nor the tan goes with black, but between the two the dune would be better.
  8. The Ebene is dark brown NOT black

  9. Dune! Make sure you post some pics of your outfit with the Speedy! :tup:
  10. Dune for sure - makes for a better contrast ;)
  11. ebene ebene ebene!
  12. My opinion (biased since I just got one!): Dune!