What goes best with Wine?

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  1. A wine color coach wallet that is :P I have FINALLY settled on getting the Bleeker leather check book wallet in wine. I figured that it would be the best match to go with ALL of my Coach bags! Now I just need a skinny and possibly a capacity as well. If anyone can think of any other little goody I may need to add to go with it PLEASE let me know! :yes: I already have a large black siggy zip around wallet for a switch out every now and then as well as a chocolate siggy turnlock wristlet. I want to keep them, but just want one general set that I can use with all of my bags without switching out. I HATE doing the wallet switch just to use a different purse. :tdown:
  2. cheeeeese!

    actually, i think your choices are enough. Unless you find a charm or scarf your like . . .

  3. Ah man, you beat me to it. LOL
  4. I think tattersal not the one with the hot pink trim but the first one that came out or anything teal/turquise would go well. Also beige tan/camel and chocolate.
  5. Haha @ the cheese comment!
  6. ^high five!!:lol:
  7. That was the first thing I thought of too!

    man, I'm hungry:lol:
  8. ya, we need that muscle building protein to carry our bags!