What goes best with the pomme heart

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  1. Hi , I have just heard from my SA that the pomme heart I ordered is in stock and awaiting collection . Not sure if I should get it now as I only have the Palermoo GM to hang it from . What bag do you think looks best with the hearts attatched to??? .
  2. I love the heart on my trevi & miroir lockit the chains are long so I wrap it around the handle once to reduce it

    here are some pics of my hearts on bags
    Trevi in action.jpg Goldie & Pomme  in Action.jpg
  3. LOOKS GREAT, im geting a pomme heart, i looks good on any bag , imo
  4. labeladdict, wow that outfit is so chic!

    do they make pomme cosmetic bags? i want one to match with my agenda hehe.
  5. The trevi looks fab , maybe I will need to make another purchase very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Your heart looks great, and you're too cute ! :yes:

    I think the heart would be super cute as an accent on pretty much anything.. !
  7. I think the pomme heart purse goes with anything!!! I love it so, its the perfect bag charm. :tup:
  8. lol that pic always makes people want to buy a trevi I have another that does the same for the kirsten and mono shawl tempted? :graucho:
  9. Go on then lol!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Pomme goes with everything. Congrats on your heart!!
  11. Lockit Horizontal looks fab. I have mine on my Mahina XL in gris.
  12. It looks fabulase.
  13. Your saved I can't find the pic on my computer
  14. looks GREAT on the trevi!
  15. Yes they made the Pomme in a cosmetic case and to die for, soo beautiful