what goal do you want to forefill in life before 40

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  1. what your ultimate goal in life
  2. A BIRKIN! (Just kidding.)
  3. wow, this one made me stop and think ... I am 38 now ... hmm ... let me get back to ya!
  4. retire! :yahoo:
  5. By 40???? Have a baby, and lose the weight as quick as possible ... and enjoy being a mom....(short term goals ofcourse) Im 38 in a few weeks.

  6. Oh goodness, I second that!!! I cant think of a better answer.
  7. retire :smile:
  8. retire.....
  9. Aw you could do it!!! :love:

    I would love to have a happy, healthy family by 40 :yes:
  10. I'll be 39 next month. I've run out of time and I haven't done anything. How'd it go so fast? :sad:
  11. Just have a family. You know husband, kids...I'm an only child and I have dreamed about have quite a few kids. But this won't be accomplished for years. I'm still young (24).
  12. To have PHH buy me a new KICK- A*S bag every month....on his own volition..eh..hem....and to love them and adore them with me.........

    No rolling his eyes at my new bags either..ROFL...

    KIDDING!..ok..maybe not TOTALLY kidding...but WISHFUL thinking counts...NO????
  13. Have a family, see other countries, get a book published, and own at least three Birkins (yes, I'm shallow).
  14. Have a beautiful family, make a lot of money, retire, then write my great novel ;)
  15. Oooh, that's a toughie...

    I think I would want to be married with 2 kids before I'm 40 and be in a comfortable financial situation :yes: . Occupation wise, I would want to be in a managerial position that pays big bucks ;). Oh, and I wouldn't mind having a HUGE closet of designer bags/clothes as well :graucho:

    Just reading this has made me realise I have a long way to go before I can accomplish this, lol :lol: