What gives your skin, body and face, that glowing sexy feeling? KWIM?

  1. I kinda wanna shine? Lol. Anyone?
  2. getting laid...

    ok, so i'm sort of kidding, but not really. my boss can always tell when i come into work if i got some the night before. he says i glow. my boss and i are oddly close...

    but in my experience, as far as product goes, nothing makes me feel more glowy than a really good exfoliant and a medium-weight moisturizer. this works all over your body, not just on your face. i use aveeno cleansing pads on my face (works better than all the spendy stuff i've bought!) and their moisturizer on my face (it has a similar name...they both say 'positively.....something'). for my body, i use Tend Skin as an exfoliant (it's REALLY strong, i have very dry skin) and Ahava Dead Sea body lotion, which is easily the best, most moisturizing body lotion i've ever found.
  3. Definitely exfoliating- I love Sephora Indulgences Coffee and Cream scrub (for body), and a good moisturizer. I have tried many a lotion/cream and always go back to St. Ives whipped moisturizer. It's perfect for me. In the winter if my skin gets really dry, I love any body butter from The Body Shop.
    For my face, a nice steamy shower and some Korres Wild Rose moisturizer does the trick.
  4. The best thing for my skin was birth control pills. When I was taking them, my skin glowed and I didn't have a single blemish in 2 years.

    I've gone through phases where I drink a TON of water and that really makes my skin look good too...
  5. Sex :shame: Seriously!

    Other than that...IDK :smile:
  6. I love that scrub too!:p
  7. Sex. It's good for you!
  8. Exfoliating, moisturizing, and drinking lots of water! And I must agree, sex gives you a really nice, healthy glow!
  9. Lancome bronze blush- the best beauty product ever
  10. exfoliation, facials and body scrubs, elation:smile:
  11. drinking tons of water and a good multivitamin.
  12. I was going to post this :biggrin: But I was unsure if I'd get banned for it ehehehehhe. Seriously, I feel my sexiest after u know what:graucho: Go look in the mirror and check out your face... Your lips are red and your face glows... I even told DH that I looked and felt beautiful after we have sex.
  13. That was the first thing I thought of. Nothing can compete with the after sex glow.
  14. Working out and a good body scrub works for me
  15. Besides sex...

    I use Smashbox Artificial Light in Diffuse. I mix a little in with my normal moisturizer. You could also use it on it's own I think. It gives a nice subtle glow imo