What gifts have you given your boyfriend/DH?

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  1. Can you rattle off a few? Small gifts and the big highlights?

    I am always at a loss for buying gifts for boyfriends and I could use some inspiration.

    Thanks, guys! :idea:
  2. I've given electronics or stuff from his wish list on Amazon.com - I'm not much of a clothes shopper.
  3. That i can remember the last 2 years i've given my husband

    Thomas Pink cufflinks
    a matching set of platinum money clip and tie clip
    a new GPS system for his car
    an Ipod Video
    and a Hugo Boss suit that he never wears :cry:
  4. A black cashmere sweater from NM.
    A DVD to build up his library.
    Gift card to a spa we both love for his and hers massages.
    Club Monaco dress shirt.
  5. clothing, games, belt, wallet, home made cookie and cakes.
  6. psp, nice watches, cologne, homemade cards are a MUST :smile: is this for a particular occasion like a bday or anniversary?
  7. My dh usually wants electronics, most recent a video ipod. He's been more stressed than usual at work lately so I surprised him with it. For christmas last year I got him a new xbox. The nicest thing I did was refurnish the home office with new furniture and a widescreen hd computer monitor (but I get to enjoy those things too lol). I guess these things are "little" considering how much I spend on a bag lol.
  8. I try to pick up stuff for him when I'm out shopping (so he doesn't get left out)-- usually from the sale section! :angel: His stuff- cheap so I can spend more on me hahah.

    He was particularly stressed one day so before I left for work I left him $40 w/ a note to enjoy it at his fav strip club. He liked that one alot!

    For his bday, I surprised him w/ a trip to Miami.
  9. i've bought digital cameras, handheld GPS systems (my ex liked to hike), camoflage gear for hunting (i'm glad i never have to buy any more of that for anyone), xbox accessories and games, etc. usual guy stuff. i think the most important thing about giving good gifts is remembering that it's about making the person happy, not forcing your taste on them (he could never remember this when giving me gifts).

    but my favorite gift that i ever gave him was probably our first christmas together - he liked to fly fish, and he needed a new vest. those vests have tons of pockets, so i bought him a bunch of other small stuff that he wanted - a new wallet, some CDs, a mini survival kit, etc - and stuffed them all in the pockets and wrapped it up as one gift.
  10. latest gift was Christmas an XBox360....when I go shopping I try to assuage my guilt by buying him something...he has lots of boxers because of this! lol
  11. car speakers, pre-season football tickets, cook him dinner, make him his favorite cookies, bought him shoes for work, a new fish for the fish tank, car washes, art work- some guy from his favorite movie, dvds, mp3 player. Hope that helps inspire!
  12. Gold chain, ring, watch, and a braclete that cost me a much as louis and not an accessory either.

    But he loves all of and that is the main thing.
  13. Can't go wrong with ties, they always need ties. Get it from the designer they like.
    Can't go wrong with anything related to sports or gadgets. Re. sports, glof stuffs, squash stuffs, tickets etc. And there bound to be a gadget that he hasn't had or required an upgrade.
  14. My gifts for my husband have been all over the board. I think his favorite is his Movado watch. He gets compliments on it all the time. Plus he loves that it is so simple and classic. I also got him a wallet (from LV of course!). Recently he got the Xbox 360 he has been wanting (I still dont know how I got suckered into paying for that thing! lol). Of course video game accessories (ie a PSP, game console guns and games). I love taking him clothes shopping. I know men usually hate this but he is getting more interested in fashion (yey!) and I think he likes the idea of being able to just walk around and get what ever he wants. Personally I have also been eyeing a laptop case from LV for him. Unfortunately every man has different tastes so what works for one may be totally off the mark for others. Another thing I have done is gone with him shopping for myself and if he shows interest in anything I just buy it for him. Thats how he ended up with the Movado. Its nice because they are just expecting another day of being dragged around a shopping center but they end up with a really nice gift.
  15. gucci and LV belt bags and Mulberry briefcase are the ones I cosider the most precious! Other than that clothes, shoes, ties, oops and gucci wallet and keyring , gucci playing cards that he found really cool.

    Basically when I go shopping i always buy him sth so that he doesnt comment on what I bough:lol: :roflmfao: . Believe me it works:yes: