What gift to get for staying at friends' house?

  1. I will be visiting my good friend in San Diego for Christmas, I want to give him and his partner a gift for letting me stay at their place as well as Christmas presents, but am really wary of lugging anything heavy on the plane. I was thinking a gift card at Crate and Barrel/Williams-Sonoma but not sure if that is too impersonal or not. Is it bad to give a letting me stay at your place gift/Christmas present? I will be arriving a couple days before Christmas, should I take them out to dinner and then give presents on Christmas Day?

    TIA~~~ :flowers:
  2. Host or hostess gifts are always a great idea! When my BF and I travel and board with his family, we always take them gifts, not just for members of that particular household, but for all the other relatives in the area. That, plus a "thank you" for letting us stay there, coupled with the sincere offers to help out (with any parties, cooking, etc.) goes a long way! Some things we have given in the past: gift baskets, wine, gift certificates, and perfume/cologne. If you know the person's taste very well, you can choose things like fragrance or alcohol, but if you're not sure, a gift card is always wonderful, especially an Amex gift card that isn't limited to a specific store or type of store. In addition, I always send a thank-you card to the hostess once returning home. It really shows people that you don't take them for granted.
  3. I agree with the idea of a gift-basket and a bottle of wine. Gift cards always make ME feel like they didn't put a lot of thought into it. Good luck, and enjoy your stay!
  4. Maybe something for their home, like a nice Dipytique or Jo Malone candle?
  5. Hey Honu! I'd bring a hostess gift, like a gourmet food item, i.e. a box of special, handmade truffles with a gorgeous ribbon tied around it. Something like that is quite portable. It'd be even more special if the truffles were only available from a shop in your town.

    Since you'll also be spending Christmas together, I'd bring his n' hers Christmas gifts, something small so that you won't have to lug it around. For the woman: a small piece of jewelry, i.e. silver necklace. For the man: maybe 1-2 subscriptions to magazines in his interest area (you could check with his girlfriend about what he likes).

    It's nice that you're being so thoughtful about this! You'll have so much fun in SD!
  6. I agree with everyone else. Host/hostess gifts are fantastic. If you're afraid of lugging things around, send a big ole basket ahead of time. Gourmet baskets with cheese and wine, along with other items like gourmet oils or spreads, are perfect.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! :yes: I think sending the gift ahead would be a great idea; for the XMas present I'll have to get his and his presents...I was thinking maybe cufflinks - they're both nurses so maybe caduceus cufflinks?
  8. A gift certificate to a art gallery in town might be nice, that way they can pick out something for their house. You can always go online and research.
    I buy one friend original watercolors as gifts. She loves them, but we know each other's taste so it is very easy.....
  9. I also like the candle idea; I was thinking of getting them candles but not sure which scent to get - since it's Christmas maybe a Christmas scent and a regular scent?
  10. Honu, I second the candles recommendation.

    This is a great seller, she's lovely to deal with (I bought a couple of magnets from her, she sent them directly to friends as gifts, but not candles :smile:). You will not regret buying from her or my name isn't passerby :smile:





    As an aside, she has got some very funny magnets: