What gift for Mom & Dad 25th anniversary?

  1. My parents will be having a party for their 25th anniversaty. What gift should I buy for them?

    Dad - I'm thinking a cell phone, maybe a Blackberry
    Mom - a handbag ($600 maximum) maybe LV speedy... or lingerie set

    I don't have any clue if that's appropriate or not.. maybe I should give something that comes in sets & last a lifetime? But what? Frame pictures seems too simple..candle holder: they don't have any use for it..

    Ideas please?

    - P
  2. The 25th anniversary is the Silver Anniversary if that helps.

    Maybe do a piece of silver from Tiffany's with their wedding date engraved on it.
  3. ^I think they already picked their rings for the anniversary.. besides.. they like expensive stones on their rings.. way out of my budget

    the crystal sets is nice.. but i don't think it can survive 20+ hour flights in cargo.. it's going to get smashed to pieces

    Thanks for suggestion though... I'm going to look up Tiffany's.. see if there's anything I can buy
  4. You could always ship it to them. Or maybe carry it on the plane.
  5. Tiffany's has beautiful picture frames. You could do a silver picture frame with a nice photo of them in it :yes:
  6. That's what I did for my parents' 25th last year, along with a huge, beautiful bouquet of peach roses (mom's favorite and the main flower at their wedding). They loved it!
  7. What about sending them somewhere for a little getaway? If you're thinking the budget of a blackberry + handbag, you might be able to get them a quick weekend thing to celebrate.

    Another option (if they drink) would be some special glasses and a bottle of champagne or wine from the year they got married.
  8. I think for an anniversary a joint gift that is special to both of them is appropriate, save the purse and blackberry for a holiday or birthday. I love the idea of since it is the silver wedding anniversary to do a sterling frame with a picture. That sounds like a wonderful gift and they'll appreciate how thoughtful it is. As expensive as some of the gifts I've given my parents have been, the ones they have appreciated and loved the most have been photo albums and framed photos.
  9. I agree on the joint gift idea. That's a special anniversary, so I'd look into something that is both silver and personal. If you have a good picture of the two of them, maybe have it put in a Tiffany silver frame, like Megs suggested.
  10. Find a bunch of pics and either make a book or a video. Everyone loves these! I have a Mac so it is very easy to do. I do them all the time for wedding/anniversary/graduation/baby gifts. You can do soft or hardcover. I especially like the tiny 2x3 that you can keep in your bag.

    The books you get back from iPhoto are so professional - like you got them from Barnes and Noble.

    I'd do that and maybe a present also. But, trust me, the photo book will be their fav!
  11. give the present that they both can use and enjoy, don't give a separate gifts, what about voucher to a nice hotel out of town for 2 nights, or you could pay for their candle light dinner at a very nice restaurant (try look at the ZAGAT guide, find the one that have high rating)

    if they enjoy drinking wine, you could get them fine wine glass from riedel's

  12. i LOVE the idea of the weekend getaway! your mom get pampered in the spa, arrange golf for your dad, then set up a romantic dinner for the two of them :smile:
  13. Hi everyone!! I am resurrecting this thread because I have the same dilemma as OP. I didn't want to start a new thread since I know TPF is a fan of the "search" function!

    Does anyone have any more ideas? My parents appreciate luxury items but they aren't really into them so anything Hermes or Tiffanys is probably out. I love the picture frame idea but when we hosted a family reunion earlier this year, I already went and did that - I got lots of family photos, including wedding photos of my parents, framed and displayed around the house so all our relatives could reminisce.

    Our family and friends is throwing them a surprise party - I'm taking care of the cake and the appetizers. So I guess thats one "thing" I'm doing for them. I know my mother also asked for a set of champagne flutes so I've been looking into that as well.

    But I wanted a gift that's appropriate for BOTH of them.

  14. Honestly, I think that a letter from you telling them how much you love them, sharing your favorite memories, and expressing how much you appreciate all they've done for you would mean so much more than a gift of the material sort.