what GGH and SGH went with what leathers?

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  1. this may have already been covered, if so, my apologies, i did do a search and could not find it...i was wondering what giant hardware, whether it be silver or gold, went with what color leathers? or was it just random? or does it depend on the style of bag?
  2. I think it is just personal preference. If I remember correctly, any bag that came in the giant hardware was available in either gold or silver. I think they have changed it this coming season and there won't be any more gold.

    As far as what went with what, I certainly have my opinions as to what color hdwe looks best with what color leather, but that is different with everybody. It is whatever you like. I hope this helps!!
  3. thanks luvhandbags....just wasnt sure if you could get it in your preference, or if bal only put certain color medal with certain color leathers, thanks!