What get's the most compliments?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was at work last week and I wore a very lovely black dress in a wool crepe, with a slightly fitted corset lining (holds everything in!). It's knee length with a flattering slight asymmetrical draped neckline and cap sleeves. I got into wearing it to work because Australian Vogue April has a photo spread of dresses for work, and it made me think, yeah, that dress is probably suitable for work (am a lawyer).

    Now this is a dress I describe as a 'president's wife' dress - it's very classic and possibly open to criticism on the safe/borderline boring front. That's the way I dress, so it's not that it worries me, but I got compliments about what I was wearing from the moment I got to work, in the mall from total strangers at lunch, and as I was leaving the building from a couple of barristers I don't really know! It was uncanny.

    And it got me thinking: what's the outfit or item you wear that people always compliment you on?

    Time for sharing girls... :smile:
  2. I get compliments on this brown skirt that I wear. It's not designer, but very summery and casual. It's made of cotton and a little longer than knee lenght, but has many layers so it kind of flares out at the bottom.
  3. The garment I get the most compliments on is this red silk skirt that I wear.. fits perfectly
  4. This blazer...it's kind of a browny-pink color and it has a lot of gold embelishment on the shoulder. Everyone loves it!
  5. My dresses and also I have a pantsuit that I wear to work it has a 3/4 sleeve fitted blazer and it has cute buttons

    oh and my brown long coat

    and my brown boots that i actually bought for just $16! I didn't like it in the beginning but its become a "fan favorite"
  6. It depends on who I am with. But I do usually get compliments as long as I'm not overdoing things, in my experience "nice" gets more compliments than "outstanding" or "outrageous" ;)
  7. i have quite a nice collection of casual dresses, and i get a lot of compliments on those. a dress just looks so much more put together, plus it's the easiest outfit ever.
  8. IMO I have a body with strange proportions, but I tend to get compliments when I'm wearing color or if it's a piece that fits me well, size-wise. It's hard to find a piece like that, though. :sad:
  9. My eyelashes :p But seriously, almost everything that I wear. I'm kind of proud of myself.
  10. Oh lucywife stop! You're making me jealous ;)
  11. Jeans :biggrin: If I have good jeans everyone compliments on them, I think that's odd, because jeans are just basics, its odd to get compliments on them :confused1:
  12. yeah i get most compliments on my dresses.
  13. I have so many clothes, that I can't just say I get the most compliment on one.
  14. jeans as well. hubby just loves them
  15. From Mr Puff, everything. :smile: But I notice his eyes seem especially pleased with anything red, purple, or lime green!

    From my sister in law, anything pink, because she believes all clothing should be pink.

    From the viewing public, it seems to be raspberry, fuschia, and periwinkle.

    From myself, well, for once I tend to agree with the general public! :smile: