What gets lost at your house?

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  1. Ok, we all know about the proverbial sock in the dryer. But in my house I swear the pencil sharpeners must have a secret life somewhere :P. We have a bunch and one is suppose to stay by the kitchen phone (with pad and paper, natch)...but it seems whenever I go to get one I can't find one! Searching in all the usually places; junk drawer in kitchen, kids backpack, my desk, the drawers in the entryway tables and living room tables, crayon boxes... nothing! Then like magic, they will all start appearing on the kitchen counter, DH will go in and say, "why are there 8 pencil sharpeners here?" :wacko:
  2. What get's lost at my place????

    Temper, sanity, dignity.....oh, and my hair elastics!
  3. Earrings! You can never find the other half of the pair when you need it.
  4. Always, always our socks. I have moved like three times and have never found the missing socks when we clean out the old residence. Its so weird!

    Oh and pens. I feel like i am forever buying new pens.
  5. Phone (mobile) is always hiding from me...
  6. me too! i think it's not meant for me to use it in the home....:nogood:
    my bf's shoes..well, he can never find them, but i do, right where the little devil took them off usually....:P
  7. my temperature...literally...Apart from that my hair bands.
  8. hair pins. i swear i buy hair pins twice a week. i think some one must be eating them. i single handedly keep claires in business.
  9. Ha! All of those things, along with my DDs bloomers, and of course, socks!
  10. :shame: Nothing, I'm far too organised (anal) for anything to dare lose itself in my home!:roflmfao:
  11. Everything and anything. My little guy is in a hiding things phase. He will hide anything he can find, like phones, keys, pens.

    I sometimes find my keys in my shoes:nuts:
  12. clothes... it's mainly a space constrain and organizational issue. heheheh

    twinkle, at least pencil sharpeners are cheap =) so even if u have 8, it's a couple of bucks only
  13. My shoes..:nuts:
  14. The stupid AA batteries and the Cell phone chargers!
  15. Flip flops! I'm forever misplacing my flip flops around the house.:tdown: