What fun thing should I do/go for myself?

Sep 30, 2007
VA (DC Burbs)
This next week DH is going to Croatia (home for him) for 10 days. Then, at the end of January, DH and older DS are going to the mountains for a 4-5 day skiing trip. This summer, possibly, DH AGAIN will be going home to Crotia for his 25th HS reunion.

Now, the reason I'm not going with younger DS to any of these is to save money. DH is only going now because he has a few family and family friends who are quite ill and he's afraid if he waits until this summer, it will be too late for some (if not all) of them and eh would feel sooooooo bad. This trip is a present from MIL. (She wanted to give him something big for his 40th bday this past year, so he asked for this (she wanted to buy him a new car!!! Just to drive the .6 miles to the train station every few days he doesn't walk! LOL)

But... I'm feeling a bit like a martyr - staying home with the toddler once again... So what can I do to make me feel good without spending a fortune? I'm beginning to feel like DH is taking it for granted that I so willingly "stay behind"....


May 29, 2007
A new Hermes purse or scarf? (Or whichever brand is your favorite!)

ETA: oops, just read the "without spending a fortune" bit. I'll need to think about this!


Jan 29, 2006
If I were over in your area, I'd offer to hop over and babysit while you took a looooong bubble bath with a few good magazines or a good book!