What frustrates you the most about your every day beauty/haircare routine?

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  1. I've been feeling very down lately as I seem to have lost the energy to do everything on my checklist every day... (joys of getting older) and one thing I find frustrating is not having enough time to do my hair. Thought maybe I would find some support! Does anyone want to vent with me? Haha
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  2. I feel the same and for some reason I have the hair issue too. My hair is thick and it requires styling and work. I have found some hair styles that are easy to do and work for me, it took some time to perfect but now I can do my hair really fast.
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  3. I hear you! Thanks for sharing.
  4. I recently grew my hair out and I'm trying to find ways to air dry it haha.
  5. I use Redken air dry. It works.
    What frustrates me?
    Going to get my roots done every 3 weeks!
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  6. My hair doesn't take long...I can do a full curl/ wave style in about 15 minutes, but the only thing that frustrates me about the daily routine is tackling my aging skin! I swear every time I go to put on makeup or take it off, there's 5 new wrinkles/ lines or crows feet that appeared overnight! LOL So trying to find new ways to do my makeup, new products to try to slow down aging, fill in, fix my skin...blah!
    Luckily I dont do my makeup daily or else I think I'd have a nervous breakdown! :shocked: :nuts:
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  7. Hahah I hear you! Having to do makeup and hair daily used to be so easy (when I was a teenager). I still really like having it done but the effort is just too much...
  8. I don't have time to wash my hair as regularly as I wish and my hair fall a lot so now my hair is so thin that I think I will be bald (I'm barely 30) :sad:(((
  9. I do my own color. I refuse to go spend time in the salon and pay a bunch of money every three weeks. It's a PITA doing it at home but I figure I'm saving over $100 each time.
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