What foundation do you recommend???

  1. I have searched and searched for the "perfect" foundation out there to cover up my huuuuge pores, redness and hyperpigmentation from previous healing blemishes. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Yesterday when I was a Sephora, I bought LORAC Oil-Free Foundation then read some reviews on my other forum that this was crap! It didn't cover anything and made them break out even more! I'm scared to use it now!!! Yikes!
  2. i use guerlain teint expert confort powder foundation which has an SPF of 15.....i also have really sensitive skin with lots of redness and pore problems as well as breaking out and i've tried tons of foundations but this works best for me.....it's a powder foundation, and it's extremely fine and smooth and feels so comfortable on my face, plus it doesn't cause irritation to my skin like a lot of others do.....plus it comes in a gorgeous compact :P....you get great coverage and whenever i use this i get compliments on my complexion.....

    after reading the thread about mineral foundations i picked up a container of bare minerals and a brush, and it took me a few tries but i think i'm getting pretty good at it.....i really love the way this feel on my skin as well, i feel like i'm not wearing any make up at all, but i find that the coverage is better with my guerlain (maybe i'm just not doing something right).....but i love the BM as an everyday quick/natural look now that i'm almost out of the guerlain and haven't had a chance to buy a new one :shame:
  3. I too, have tried many. And I must say have not found the perfect. Plus, I am sorta tired of make-up counter gals telling me I have "red undertones". Yeah? Duh, it's that Irish skin thing...LOL
  4. Does the powder foundation make you flaky at all in some spots? The problem I have is that my esthetician gave me some Tretenoin (Retin-A) on some trouble spots so in certain areas I'm dry. Powder makeup tends to accentuate those problems....?

    Irishgal - LOL! I'm sure you're fed up. I would be too!!!
  5. I use Diorskin and it's a powder foundation. I put the Smashbox Photofinisher under it. I like it. I have big pores. But have been blemish - free my whole life. I know....you can hate me. But the black pores around my nose are the curse of me. Have tried everything to get rid of them.
  6. Yep, you're right.. I hate you!!!! :lol: J/K...I have bad genes I guess b/c I'm OCD about my skin and still have blemishes! Right now I use Dior Ultra-Mat but it accentuates the dry patches where my topical med is applied.
  7. i have the same trouble with powder foundations because i'm oily in some spots but extremely dry/flakey in others......

    dior airflash (the spray on stuff) is very good for this problem, and it looks incredible, but my skin tends to feel suffocated by it (it feels very heavy to my sensitive skin)

    as for the guerlain, i use it in conjunction with this lotion from SKII called the facial clear solution or something.....it's a very light gel lotion and it's great for the flakey areas.....i find it's gotten rid of the flaking almost completely....plus i've started using the clarisonic skin care brush which also helps.....as you can tell i'm skincare obsessed :shame:

    i just read your post above where you say you have dry patches from the med....i think you should really try the dior spray on foundation......i think it might work well for you with a spray and pat technique......you get great coverage and i think it would be easy on the dry patches....
  8. It's not perfect, but I do seem to get the best coverage with MAC's Studiofix powder foundation. I have a lot of redness, and some acne (even though I'm in my 40's:sad2: ), so I need a lot of coverage. To get even more coverage, I sometimes use the MAC concealer in a little pot under the Studiofix. I've noticed that if I have any flakiness it's noticeable when I first put the Studiofix on, but then after the makeup has "set" the flakiness goes away. I guess it's mixing with the oil in my face, maybe.
  9. just in case you were wondering this is what i was talking about...


    need to go get myself another container of it soon.....it costs $60 and it's only 1.7 ounces, which means for $60 it won't last you very long....i think mine lasted me about 2 months and i don't wear make up too often....but i still love it for when i want a flawless finish :P

    oh and coachwife's suggestion of the smashbox photo finish primer is great....completely smooths out your skin so you can put foundation over it although i've noticed with powder foundations the primer tends to like rub off in and clause little clumps?....can't really explain it......
  10. I saw that yesterday when I was in Sephora...oh vey, the thought of paying $60 for a teeeny tiny spray can kills me but I guess whatever works. How would you even apply it?? Just spraying it like air spray??? Wouldn't you be wasting a lot that way? :blink:
  11. that's my main complaint with this....it's a pain in the ass to use, at least for me......when you spray it it kind of ends up in your hair, so whenever i used it i made sure it was right out of the shower, when my hair was up in a towel, so none of it ended up in my hair (but it got on my towel).....it takes a little practice but basically you spray in a quick circular motion around your face (at least i do) and then a tiny bit more wherever you might need more coverage....it's like a real quick misting.....then you can either let it air dry or pat it with a sponge......you should definitely have a make up lady try it out on you before you buy it tho (although i'd found that dior make up ladies are horrible at applying make-up, and therefore no help at all)......
  12. I LOVE Bare Minerals! At first, it seems kinda tricky to apply, but once you get the hang of it, you won't want to use anything else.
  13. I love that Dior Air Skin stuff. WONDERFUL.

    I worked in Cosmetics for a number of years - and I can say, that the MOST important steps to finding a great foundation are to go in with NO makeup on, and moisturize your skin. Always remember to exfoliate too. That's KEY.

    1 - Get a Primer to go under your skin - often they have chamomile in and help with the redness, uneven skin tone, and prevent makeup from seeping into your pores - I don't care HOW allergenic something says it is, I ALWAYS use primer.

    2 - Use a cream foundation - it will look much more natural, and if your skin is oily, you can use a powder to set it - I find powder foundations dry out, then look cakey - if you must use powder, apply it with a good powder brush - those sponges are bacteria HAVENS.

    I love Laura Mercier - especially their new foundation. They just do such a wonderful job with their colours.
  14. So would you recommend the Diorskin or the LM products more? Does LM have oil-free products that won't clog my pore or break me out even more?
  15. I think Becca makes AWESOME products. All their items have SPF in them. You can get a liquid "tinted" moisturizer with color and SPF and use their concealer. Of if you want more coverage, use their stick foundation. I love that your face looks like you and you're not in a cakey mask...

    I just use my own moisturizer and use a foundation brush (synthetic fibers) to put on the stick foundation in areas that I need coverage. Then I just dust on loose powder. It works very well!

    Some Nordstrom, BG, and Sephoras carry the brand. It's worth checking out!