What Forum do you spend the most time reading on TPF?

  1. When I first joined I spent a lot of time in Coach and Gucci.

    Now LV is #1 and then Gucci.

    And I love Board Games.
  2. I mainly go on LV then it's Balenciaga then it's Beauty :smile:
  3. this one, coach, lv or the jewellery forums
  4. LOL, I'm always in the Hermes forum now, with occasional peeks at Balenciaga.
  5. Right now it's a mix of LV, Coach, Chloe, Balenciaga and YSL. But mostly LV and Coach right now. :smile:
  6. I just hit new posts and read them all! I have done that from the beginning!
  7. I love the playground.. I dont know why!
  8. I go to Chanel first and then I usually click on "New posts" so as not to miss anything good!
  9. I've moved around since joining. This past month, Fendi, health & fitness, the glass slipper. I started with the balenciaga and beauty forums. Then Gucci, chanel, LV. Thats why I love this site, there is just so many interesting topics and I've learned a lot (not to mention spent a lot). Every forum I buy a bag!
  10. First I go to LV then I go to "new posts"
  11. Money Talks--> The BBBC. Has really helped me stay on track w/ finances!:tup:
  12. It's usually LV, Balenciaga, Board Games, General...LOL I'm everywhere lately!
  13. I've always wondered the same thing... i hit "deals & steals," "new posts"
  14. Chanel:heart:
  15. Mainly LV and Coach..and the Jewelry Box