What Forum Are U Mostly On.. Example LV Hermes GD etc...

  1. What Forum Are U Mostly On???
    I spend most of my time on the General Discussion....
  2. Lv
  3. I used to spend it mostly in LV & especially with the HI ladies, but that thread got locked (without warning...for being "off topic" not conterversial), so now I'm in shock & lonely w/o a place to come "home" to.:crybaby:

    So far, the best incentive for a bag ban yet.
  4. Hermès
  5. Deals and Steals, YSL, GD, Handbags, Relationships, Just in, Beauty, etc.
    I hesitate :shame: to visit the animal forum...it often makes me :sad:.
  6. Celebrity section and Coach!! but I try my best to visit each section:smile:
  7. MJ :girlsigh:
  8. They playground FTW! hehehe. I like LV (I really want to buy one soon), Balenciaga and Coach
  9. I'm on many. Mostly the ones in the "Playground". But I'm starting to wonder around! :biggrin:
  10. Mostly on LV and Balenciaga, and occassionally on Chanel.

    I also visit the Gen. Discussion, Family and Relationship, Money Talk boards.
  11. I visit the MP first (BIG mistake)!! Then I go over to Gucci and sometimes Coach. I always visit GD and Handbags...

  12. Balenciaga then celebrity, general discussion, television and cinema
  13. Coach
  14. Ummm...ya it kinda looks like it... Jk:p
  15. Lv!