What format do you prefer for your DVD collection?

  1. What format do you prefer for your DVD collection?

    Full screen on the one in my room, widescreen on the big one downstairs
  2. I like widescreen DVDs.
  3. widescreen. We never buy fullscreen DVD's.
  4. Widescreen... and now in the process of getting the available Blu-Ray and HD versions.
  5. i'm lusting after the LG player that plays both blu-ray and hd dvds (because it's anyone's guess as to which format will win at this point), but it's $1200 and a taaaad out of my price range. when all my tv's were 4:3 aspect ratio, i got widescreen dvds so that the movies would be in their original format (the letterbox makes the picture 16:9), but now that i've got a 16:9 aspect ratio tv (50" samsung dlp, 720p, it's soooo pretty and only 2 months old), all my widescreen dvds are distorted because there's no way to remove the letterbox and only show the picture, which would fit the aspect ratio of my tv. so i have to zoom in, which makes the picture lower quality and cuts off some of the stuff at the sides. theoretically, some of the dvds i have are anamorphic and should 'automatically' fit my screen, but those don't always work like they should and not many dvds have that option. as such, i want some kind of next-gen DVD player SO BAD.

    ...god i'm such a nerd. i blame it on working at Best Buy.
  6. I like the DVDs that give you a choice, but I mostly put it on fullscreen.
  7. I usually look for the fullscreen version. I've never gotten used to the letterbox.
  8. Or you can buy the PS3 at half that price which happens to play both :smile:
  9. nope, PS3 only plays blu-ray (blu-ray is a Sony format, they're the ones that did all the R&D for it, they would NEVER manufacture a machine that would fascilitate anyone to buy HD DVDs).

    plus if i bought a PS3, it'd probably overheat and shut off halfway through a movie...they're buggy buggy buggy, based on the customers i've talked to!
  10. It depends on the tv you have. For newer tvs, the widescreen is actually the way you are supposed to watch dvds. Most new tvs are horizontal and not square. I know this because my ex was anal about it.
  11. all widescreen for us.. my hubby the electronics FREAK that he is insists on that lol! works out fine anyway as all our tv's are flat panel plasma's that are horizontal that way :biggrin:
  12. We have a widescreen TV for our living room, and a regular screen(square, i guess lol) for the one in our bedroom. So, we usually buy the widescreen dvd's.
  13. widescreen dvds are often problematic on widescreen tvs since they're made to appear as widescreen on a regular 4:3 aspect ratio (squarish) tv - there's often no way to get rid of the letterbox, which means the picture is distorted if the tv is a 16:9 widescreen (rectangle). i figured that there would be a way to fix this, but i asked all the guys that work in home theater in my store and they all said the best way was to buy a next-gen (hd or blu-ray) dvd player.

  14. i always buy wide screen.
  15. i like widescreen!