What Form of payment should I accept from Malaysia's buyer?

  1. I am listing a LV Speedy 30 for sale. I didn' t state in my auction that I will ship international, but to day I received an email asking me if I willing to ship to Malaysia? She will pay via Western Union,Money Oder...
    I don't know If I should deal with Malaysia's buyer? Or which form of payment are safe to accept ? At first ,she asked me if I am accept other form of payment instead of Paypal?
    Any opinion would be greatly appreciate.:confused1:
  2. Paypal.

    Western Union SUCKS in Asia, be very careful, lots of fraudulent transactions with WU. Apparently they even warn you not to use it unless you personally know the other party. I've had customers from Malaysia that use Paypal, it's not difficult to sign up so if I were you, I'd add that bidder to my block list. Or if he's the winner, to cancel the auction and offer 2nd chance to next highest. Bidpay etc are just as bad, money orders can be cancelled for a small fee.

    Edit: Oops my bad, money orders can be cancelled (I've done that before cos the other party lost my documents not related to eBay) if it hasn't been cashed in I think.
  3. PAYPAL, protect yourself.
  4. I don't think Malaysia is on the list of those countries are protected by Paypal, so even she use Paypal, I still don't get any Protection. I looked into her feedback, she had purchased some Coach bags and LV bags before and registered eBay user for about a year and half with 28 positive feedback.
    My auction will be end in one week, I am still wonder if I should deal with her or not?
  5. Hmm while Western Union may be favorable to US sellers, someone told me it is not as safe in some countries in Asia, sorry can't remember the details but basically it does not work exactly the same way as US procedures. You'd find many China-based scammers on eBay asking for payment by Western Union, that's a clue right there. It is a relatively new service in southeast asia as I am told, so many security procedures are not even in place yet. In some nations, WU works through brokers and don't have a direct presence. Just a heads up.
  6. I'm on the other end of the stick (which i started a discussion point for) and I actually want to pay with paypal but the seller wants me to pay with money order and i'm worried that if i send a money order, I wont receive the item or the seller will claim to have never received my money order.

    I wish there was some form of payment that was safe for both buyer and seller!!!
  7. I have heard way too many horror stories dealing with Western Union and money orders. Stick with Paypal.
  8. ^^ Agree!
  9. I take Bidpay payments from Asian buyers. Payapl offers you no protection outside of US, UK or Canada. With Bidpay, it took 3 days for the transaction to clear (they actually called the buyer to verify the transaction), but it cleared, i got my approval and off went the bag, no problem. You can always ask for a wire transfer directly into your bank account, done that too, no problem.
    Good luck
  10. You could send her an invoice via google checkout if you sign up as a seller and she could pay with a credit card. Google checkout isn't available to Canadian sellers but I have paid others via that method with no problems.
  11. I am appreciate for all of your helps.
    This buyer told me that she can not use Paypal because she always go over the limit and because of that her husband won't let her pay with cc any more.
    She says she can purchased money order to pay me. In USA I prefered USPS money order,but since she is from Malaysia ,I don't know which Money Order, I should accept? And can anyone explain to me how bank wire transfer is work?
    Thank you very... very much:confused1:
  12. Send the buyer your banks aba # and you bank account number with your name. She can have her bank wire the funds to your account. She will have to pay a fee for this transfer. Call your bank and make sure you have all the info necessary for the transfer.
    Good luck!
  13. Thank you very much Isabel.:tup:
  14. How does Google Checkout compare with Paypal in terms of fees, chargebacks, and buyer/seller protection? If customers choose to pay by Google Checkout, do they need to create an account just as they would on Paypal?

    I'm considering GC cos sometimes I sell itty bitty items that don't make sense if PP charges me fees.
  15. This is a stupid question: what is aba# ?:s