What for and when do you use your Classic Edith satchel?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    As you all know I have recently acquired two Edith satchels one on black and one in whiskey:heart::heart::heart:. Now what do I use them for???? I find them a little big to just go anywhere with!!!

    I was wondering what other classic edith satchel owners like me use their bags for? Is it mainly for work or play or a baby bag Etc....

    All thoughts and ideas are welcome...please don't afraid to be creative.....;););)
  2. DSCF1853.JPG
    I haven't a specific purpose for mine. I find when I'm in my 'Edith mood", I've carried it shopping, to meetings, and find it fits into just about any dress attire. It can go super casual to business meeting chic. Mine is the satchel without shoulder bag, so if I need a 'hands free' situation, I usually leave it at home, or carry my tall satchel which fits over the shoulder. I do love the look and I always get compliments. Pics attached.
  3. I have a large Edith satchel which weighs a ton! I use it for travel quite a bit,
    and love it for my days that start early and end very late, I can put everything I need in it for a day-night situation.
  4. I've been using it for everything... I went shopping with it yesterday, have been bringing it everywhere lately. I am a dance teacher, so I don't bring it to work because little kids + food + nice bag is not an equation I want to finish!
  5. I use mine anytime. I think it looks great with anything.
  6. I have a whiskey Edith Satchel as well.... and I haven't really taken it out much, but when I do... it works beautifully with jeans.. but dressed up.. it looks delicious!
  7. I got a black messenger bag recently - havent use it yet but intend to use it as business bag (can carry all my files n my junks) n also for shopping (the strap comes in handy).
  8. I have an Edith hobo (not a classic I know, but whatev) and I use her to go to work and to class. I can fit my tiny Macbook in her or my notebooks for class. I ride my bike with her on across my chest. She's the perfect bag for me, but I have yet to get any compliments :tdown:.
  9. I use mine for everything (I have Whiskey, black, and white). I love the fact that the bag is so big that I can fit everything into it. There is nothing more unprofessional looking than a woman who is carrying a bunch of little bags in her hand(s) whether she is heading to work, or while shopping.

    I have even gone grocery shopping with it and fit groceries (a loaf of bread among other things) in my purse. I just continued to shop after that. None of the salespeople in the clothing stores would ever suspect that had my groceries with me while perusing their merchandise...

    Having said that, it does get heavy when loaded down. I just treat the weight as a way of working out my arm muscles... make sure to switch arms once in awhile (haha)
  10. I have yet to use my Whiskey gorgeous Edith! I think I am saving it for a dressier professional look, which hasn't been happening now. Everyone is sooo casual here, I'm near malibu, so the slouchy paddington has been my bag of choice for now. I can see it working in the :supacool:fall with a scarf and boots!
  11. I haven't used my whiskey edith messenger or my roche edith hobo yet, but I must say I love to take them out and model them in front of the mirror:shame:. They don't seem to go with my summer wardrobe( which is gym clothes, trying to get back my pre preggers body:sweatdrop:).
    I'm thinking they will probably get more use in the winter( I hope:rolleyes:)!
  12. I plan to use mine for work day.

    BTW, do you treat your bag? i.e put some waterproof spray on, stain protector,or moisturize it.
    Mine is Whiskey, and I'm not sure if rain or accidentally drop food/drink will ruin the bag or not.
  13. I use Apple Guard or Lovin My Bags on it...
  14. Thanks starsnhevn :flowers:
  15. where can you find these? apple guard or loving my bags? and which one is better.

    can you please specify if only for edith?
    do you use it on your paddies? ava? let me know. thanks;)