What foods do you crave when it's "that time"?

  1. I tend to want greasy, salty fried stuff - that and CHOCOLATE. I just ordered a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake for dinner. Ugh... LOL!
  2. Chocolate anything.
  3. Sugar...Salt...no!! I think the question is what DONT I crave during PMS!!
  4. Chocolate. Luckily I only get my . about 4x/year when I'm not on the pill, so cravings aren't frequent.
  5. Definitely chocolate. I could go all month without having any and then, BAM, like clockwork on day 21, I start hitting the vending machine at work.
  6. Chocolate chip cookies and lots of breads like buttermilk biscuits.
  7. Greasy fries and ice cream.
  8. This is a fun thread. Let's see:
    Tortilla chips and salsa (HOT & Spicy!!!)
    Any Chinese food (noodles, preferably)
    French fries (or one of those big salty pretzels from the mall)
    and...drumroll please...Chocolate!

    Let me add, not at the same time. I get crazy, but not that crazy!! :yahoo:
  9. sweet, salty and anything fried :rolleyes:
  10. Burgers, steaks, sometimes salty stuff.
  11. chocolates and coffee
  12. Omg, let's see...Chocolate (particularly reeses or kitkats), pizza, french fries and sometimes a cheeseburger. Wait...sometimes corn chips too!
  13. ..Biscotti!
  14. cheese fries and chocolate malts!!! oh, and cupcakes of course!
  15. i agree, dessert with chocolate or anything fried... what's wrong with us?!?