What food do you never tire of eating?

  1. sushi, fuji apples, fro yo (the Golden Spoon variety)!
  2. I'd like to add black olives to this list as well....love them!
  3. pizza or pasta or anything Italian as I am half Italian myself hehe.
  4. crab legs, nuts, cheese
  5. Pasta!! Also french fries or anything potato related.
  6. cake! i have a major sweet tooth!
  7. homemade flat bread with chilli sauce
  8. gotta be pasta or something chicken (fried, stirfried, roast, grilled)
  9. lobster and crab
  10. Cilantro. I could eat bunches of it raw.

    Cupcakes, cake.

  11. Sushi.



  12. Hmm...cheese enchiladas and frozen yogurt from this self-serve place here. It's SO good and they change the flavors quite often so every time I go back (maybe 2x a month) there's a different combo of flavors.
    Oh yes, and cupcakes (especially ones from Sprinkles), though I don't eat them very often...once a year probably. And I can't eat a ton since they're so sweet lol.
  13. Taco salad

    Cheerios and/or Rice Krispies

    Either one, I could eat these for the rest of my life and be fine.
  14. Believe me I can eat a million grilled crabs!
  15. Candy... hehehe~ I know, I have a major sweet tooth.:yes: