What followed ME home from the outlet!

So, I made the hour trek today to the outlet ... still crazy as ever, I had to park across the street and walk over. When I left 2 hours later, that parking lot was full! I waited probably about 20 minutes in line to pay, but the SA that told you which register to go to was really nice, giving out tootsie rolls and mints. It was insane. As I left, they were putting out a bunch of the denim signature bags with the dark brown trim, but I didn't walk over and get a close look.

What I got!

Legacy pocket hobo in ivory for a grand total of .... $215.40! There is a tiny rust stain on the right, but I'm going to try and get it off. It was the only one there, and it wasn't there the first time I walked around. They also had the huuuuuge shoulder tote in the same color for around $300 but that thing was HEAVY.
The oscelot scarf was $40 ... no % off at all, but the last one there and I really wanted a new scarf. The cell phone charm was $16.

The pink lurex wristlet (not for me, for a friend) was $27 and the miniskinny (which I bought for someone else but I think I'm going to keep :biggrin:) was $23.

The store tag was still on the hobo!

It matches well!

I also got these two purses, but grabbed photos of ebay because they are staying wrapped up.

This, sans scarf, for my mom who has never owned a Coach bag, was $151.

And this came to $215 as well and I may end up keeping it too. :biggrin:

I'm going to switch over purses and I will take a pic with the hobo on my shoulder!


Oct 8, 2006
great bag and love the skinnyminnie.......i was lucky enough to be able to get the same skinnyminnie at the outlet close to me in gilroy.......an SA was holding onto it and as i commented on it and asked if there were any left... she handed it to me to purchase and said they had been long gone...
it's TDF.....love the lurex and colors are so rich;)


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
west coast envy
Drooling over here!!
AND seriously kicking myself in the rear for not buying the black siggie wristlet!! ARGH! would they do a charge send?