What fobs are at your outlet?

  1. They are showing up in outlets! Style number is 92953. Mine had ONE left when I was there on Sunday; I snatched it the minute I saw it. My outlet also has the BCA fobs on display, but I'm not sure what kind of discount they're offering on those...they are hanging on their own, not on the racks with the rest of the fobs.
  2. If anyone sees the black cat beginning to show up, please let us know!!!!
  3. OMG are you serious?? i think its time to start stalking my outlet!! i hope mine gets it as well, since its literally my HG fob.
    if anyone else sees this fob at their outlet pleasee let me know!! TIA!
  4. Yup! I was so happy to find that fob. They didn't have the bag I wanted, but the fob kinda made up for it a little bit. If I'm back at my outlet anytime soon and see more of them, I'll let you know!
  5. awesome, thanks!!
  6. Oh I hope I can find that one at the outlet!

    I am still looking for the queen bee too. Anyone see that one yet or did I miss it?
  7. I hope you find one too; I love this fob! I haven't seen any of the queen bee yet, but I'd love to have one of them too. I did see the pave pineapple at my outlet not long ago.
  8. I called JAX and they said the black kitten fob is sold out. Does that mean we won't see them at the outlet? Or are they just saying they are "sold out" because they are no longer FP? I notice Macy's is selling them on their website.
  9. AC Today

    Silver Pave Snowflake
    Gold Leather Pave Snowflake
    Blue Leather Pave Snowflake
  10. Hey guys I'm bumping this up agian as another friend is going to Vegas and will be shopping at outlets!
  11. i'd like to know what fobs are fobbing around in the outlets now too!
  12. Not at the outlet but I ordered the Cupcake fob online at coach.com this am.
  13. When I was at concord mills, there were not many styles - lots of pave skulks, a glitter double frame and a siggy tan double frame, coach heart with purple? enamel or jewel script, a blue-ish star, and a few poodles? Or other dog. Nothing else I remember...
  14. thank you! sounds like it is just a sucky time just yet for fp deleted things down south...i'm going saturday anyway though :smile:
  15. Yep, nothing much to speak of - lots of returns though, so maybe something will show up... Do you go to n. charleston ever? I think my mom has had far more luck there lately finding fp deletes, but I didn't get her to look at the key fobs- she is still learning the ropes :smile: