what flaps are people buying??

  1. i am thinking about keeping the med/large black classic flap with g/h as the prices are increasing and i do not know if i will be able to purchase another. are people still wearing the original one with the cc. it seems like everyone is buying reisuues, etc. should i keep it? isn't this one of the original "classics?''
  2. I wasn't sure if I should buy the classic or reissue as I love both but will only ever be able to afford one chanel bag in my lifetime. I decided on the classic with double CCs. I know the reissue is like the proper Coco Chanel original from the 50s but I feel that the classic CC bag is more classic because that's what people think of when they think of the original Chanel bags, and I think that will always be the case. The classic bags are always recognised as Chanel even by people who know nothing about Chanel. If you take a look at the thread of celebs wearing Chanel bags you will see that many of them have the classic CC bags - they are still going strong.
  3. I prefer the classic flap too. I love the CC on the front!
  4. I started off with the classic flap and then the reissues came out and since I loved my flap so much, I bought the reissues.
  5. i prefer the cc classics.
  6. I started off loving the Classics (those cc clasps are pretty hard to resist after all ;)), but the Reissues, they are just too gorgeous
  7. I love both! :heart: I have the classic ones with cc's , and recently got myself a reissue. Now...I am planning to get myself another flap with the cc's before the price increase.:graucho:
  8. Both are considered classics. I love my jumbo flap.
  9. I'm addicted to flaps. My definition of flap includes: the classic, reissue and the e/w pouchette. I keep kidding myself saying this is the last one. It's not darn it. I just ordered a beige lamb e/w. I seem to have become flap obsessed and I need an intervention -- after I buy a red one :smile:
  10. Both are considered classics. I love my jumbo flap.
  11. So far I have only bought flaps with the CC closure. I'm still not used to the mademoiselle lock. I feel in time maybe I will be converted to the reissues and the MM lock. :p

  12. The flap with CC is still very popular. I like both the classic and reissue but when I think of Chanel bags, the flap with CC closure is the first that comes to mind.
  13. Reissues are definitely hard to resist because you have so much variety to choose from. Patent, metallics, and a many different colors. They also offer more sizes as well.