What fits into the long zippy wallet?

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  1. Hi all! I'm thinking about buying the zippy wallet for my mom and she likes to carry her phone in her wallet. Would a phone fit into this?

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  2. Is this the largest one? If so, yes. I have it but I do not keep my phone in it. The red chevron is gorgeous!
  3. I have the reissue version of this wallet. I bought it for the specific purpose of putting my iPhone 5s in it. Thankfully when I upgraded, my iPhone 6s fit as well. When I bought it the salesperson suggested putting my phone in it. I was originally looking for a clutch. Another salesperson at a different Chanel was horrified when she saw me do it. She said I was going to ruin/stretch out the zipper. So far it's held up like a champ. No problems. Have you seen the inside? It had two sides separated by a zippered compartment. One side for bills, one side for my phone. Mine is the 8" size.
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    I keep my iPhone 6S Plus in the cellphone case instead of my wallet. But the answer is yes. It will fit.
  5. Ooh. Mine looks a little different on the inside. I have pockets to hold the phone in. Not just the zipper.

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  6. OMG I love your wallet!!! I was actually thinking of getting a zip wallet that will open all the way. I think it will hold a lot more than the half open ones. :biggrin:
  7. It took a minute to get over the shock of the price but then I remembered I purchased a Valextra wallet a few years ago that was just as expensive so I went ahead and just bought it. It is big and holds a lot.