what fits inside a lexington?

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  1. does anyone have pics of what can fit inside a lexington? thanks
  2. Not very much..I usually just have a Ludlow, pen, one lip gloss and my Damier 4 key holder. I keep my phone in my pocket so that doesn't need a spot in my bag.
  3. oh, ok thanks! :smile:
  4. I was interested in buying the Lexington at my local LV Boutique but when I saw how little it was .... I had a change of heart. :crybaby:

    I think I would probably only be able to fit a small wallet, thin cellphone, lipstick and keys inside. :yes:

    It is great for a "going out with the girls" night but as for an everyday bag ... not for me. :shrugs:
  5. yeah.. its really really pretty and elegant but i don't think my things would fit inside :sad:. i really want something pomme so i finally decided to get an agenda tonight :biggrin: i've been thinking about the pomme day and night so finally i'll be able to sleep tonight :biggrin:
  6. Congrats on the agenda! It's much more useful than a Lexington..don't get me wrong, I LOVE mine but it barely ever gets used unless I'm just going out at night or for a short trip.
  7. I thought this bag was going to be super small in comparison to my other pochettes, and though smaller I still love to use it and can fit everything I need.....To me it's really more of a "pretty" bag so it's not one that I use on a daily basis but if I'm going out @ night or doing a little something special during the day I use it and love it.
    0922061621.jpg 0922061619.jpg
  8. I bought a pomme lexington and love it! But I don't use it often. I use a cles as a wallet. I put in my cell, lip balm, lip stick, and maybe a few tissues. It's so yummy looking and I never see anyone with them. It is rather impractical, but if you think you'll use it, get it!

    Congrats on the pomme agenda, BTW.
  9. Good luck on your choice. I'll be seeing it at the boutique and will find out if it suits my needs.