What fits in your Mona Lethal?

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  1. I am on the prowl for a cross body bag in a fabulous color (lagoon, watermelon, raspberry maybe?) for summer. I like the Mona Lethal and the upcoming Something Unordinary, but how much can you cram into it?

    I need to fit a medium size wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, keys, small make up pouch, larger pouch with diapers (for son not me) and wipes, a small toy, and maybe a bottle. Would a Mona Lethal work or should I look at one of the bags with a regular shoulder strap and a c/b strap?

    What fits in your ML?
  2. lol, yeah, I've looked at it 3 times today.
  3. haha!
  4. I have a Mona lethal in garnet and I think it could fit everything you mentioned except the diaper pouch. while the legth is generous, there's not a lot of width to the bag.
  5. ^ Thanks! That is what I was worried about...:s Hopefully I'll find something a little bigger when the new bags hit the stores.