What fits in your Kan I bag?

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  1. 3A72681F-2852-4F5A-9E08-247A58FC4B76.jpeg

    Hey ladies! I’m about to purchase this particular Kan I since it’s on sale, but I’m not sure if it’s spacious.

    For reference, I keep a make up bag, a power bank, and my wallet inside of my purses. What fits in your Kan I?
  2. I have the mini Kan I and it fits everything! A card case, my cosmetics pouch (which is small envelope sized), sunglasses, keys, my digital camera if I'm carrying it...so I'm sure the larger one will fit all of your stuff :smile:
  3. I bought the Fendi Kan I FF Embossed in Medium. It has a lot of depth and two compartments. I comfortably fit my iphone 7 plus, small cosmetic bag, LV wallet, and keys in it. I love the Fendi Kan styles!
  4. Hi what color is your Kan I?
    I’m planning to get the white FF embossed
    But still unsure