What fits in the Neverfull PM Pouchette

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  1. I'm contemplating new wallets. Well, one. It's between the Zippy or maybe a pouchette for the Neverfull. Does anyone know what fits inside the pouch? Is it as much as a Zippy? How thick can it go? Can you put key fobs and other trinkets inside? Many coins? Much gums? Lots meds?

    Also, which would you choose? The pouchette has wrist strap so I can swing it around.

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  2. https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/what-do-you-use-the-neverfull-pouch-for.942736/
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  3. If you read through those threads they do answer your question IMO
  4. Are use mine as a catchall and something I can easily transfer into my gym bag. It holds mints, foldable brush, Chapstick, extra contacts, hair ties and Band-Aids. It’s definitely flat but with use it can get filled out a bit more.
    Also, it’s small enough to fit in my pochette metis, twist and other similar small bags.
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  5. No they don't.
  6. You can put a foldable brush in there? That's a lot of room.
  7. CC810AA8-9544-4862-B1D6-5BEC393833C9.jpeg A327460E-FB4B-4A36-8D2B-B86E630A993D.jpeg

    I don’t use the pochette so I’m not sure how it will wear over time, but hope this gives you an idea of what can fit. Notice tho’ that it does leave the zipper all wonky.
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  8. Awesome, thanks so much for posting!
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