What fits in the Evelyne TPM?

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  1. Hi all, I thought there must be a thread about this already but I couldn't find anything through the search function. Mods please move this if there's a thread about this already!

    I was on the hunt for my dream Bolide when I began to seriously consider the Evelyne TPM (I know, right????!). Long story short now I would like to get both if possible. I was never too interested in the Evelyne but with three young kids I find I keep grabbing a canvas bag packed with water bottles, snacks etc. that I can leave somewhere unattended and then just a very small lightweight bag that I can wear anywhere, zoo, playground etc. that doesn't get in the way while I'm chasing after them. I would like to switch it up from the ancient little Kipling bag I'm using for this and I think the Evie TPM may just be the ticket.

    My question is, how much or how little fits into it? Evie TPM owners could you tell me please what you carry in yours or better yet show me a picture? Ideally I'd like to carry credit cards, some cash, a few make up items, sunglasses and my phone, at least. If it could fit a compact wallet that would be a bonus. Would this work? I'm planning on heading to my local boutique at some point but I know TPMs these days can be rare so I don't expect I'll be able to check one out in person right away. Would love to hear what you carry in your TPM - thanks!!!
  2. I use my Evie tpm mostly for travel but it fits the basics. My Chanel wallet.H card case which is very flat. The black case is my reading glasses. In the snoopy pouch my car key fob and my house key. iPhone fits but I was taking the picture. I don’t think you can fit snacks and a water bottle... it’s too small but Evelyn 29 is a great running around bag that seems to fit endless items. The tpm is functional but it’s a mini bag

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  3. That looks perfect - it actually holds more than I had thought! I will always keep water bottles, snacks etc. in a separate canvas bag so I can leave it lying around on a picnic table somewhere without worrying about it when I'm off helping the youngest in the playground or something like that. But I do need a mini bag to keep my valuables with me while I leave the other stuff unattended. I'm so excited to TPM fits as much as it does because I think that will work really well for me then. Thank you so much for showing me and your Evie is gorgeous!!
  4. I carry in my TPMs, which I use almost every day:
    Compact (flat Nars powder compact w/ mirror)
    small kindle (large ones or ones with covers are too big)
    iPhone X
    Calvi with cards and cash

    Without the Kindle I could fit sunglasses (they will fit with it but the bag would get bulgy). Basically the TPM is quite flat so you don't want anything very thick in it. A water bottle won't fit without deforming the bag.
  5. Check out the evelyne clubhouse...lots of photos there. That said, your only issue might be the sunglasses, if you use a case, will be limiting.
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  6. The TPM was one of my few H mistakes, it’s too small. With my “small” wallet, keys, tissues, compact and lip gloss, it’s stuffed and difficult to use. I need to remove items to access other items. I kind of fell in love with it’s cuteness and never road tested it’s functionality. It’s a NO for me.
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  7. May I add one little detail please. You need to have a bag insert that has zipper to keep things not falling out. ( I think some one have link about that) I love TPM too. Can’t wait to see you TPM in action soon . :heart:
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  8. I just tried one in the store, it held 2 epi pens, my calvi card case and there wasn’t much room left for anything else... I passed on it.
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  9. Ha.....yes, forgot to mention my phone and my EpiPen ....my poor little TPM collects dust
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  10. Love mine so so much

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  11. I have 2 and use mine for going out to the park, running errands, excursions where I want to be handfree eg nightmarket shopping and snacking. It fits
    Iphone X
    Home keycard
    Calvi with credit cards
    Bastia for cash change
    Chanel Coco Flash lipstick as it is quite tiny
    Tissues and Wet Wipes
  12. Not much. I am a pack rat but it does not fit what I need (two epi pens, keys, Bastia, calvi, lip balm and baby diapers!)
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  13. Isn’t the TPM discontinued? It’s such a cute bag!
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  14. It’s not discontinued but hard to find.
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  15. I don’t have small children anymore. So my things are not so big or chunky. I find TPM really fit my needs. Sometimes I keep my car key together with my Cash and card, sometimes I hang it like in the picture.
    Maybe you should go to a boutique near you and ask to try on if they have it. That little one is cute but only useful when it fit to your needs. Good luck and looking forward to hear update from you soon.:heart:

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