What fits in Papillon 30

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  1. I am thinking about getting a Damier Papillon 30, but I am afraid it may be too small.
    For all of you gals out there that have one...what all can you fit in it? What size wallet do you use?
    Edited because I can't spell worth a damn!
  2. OMG! Papillon 30 fits EVERYTHING!!! I use mono Pochette Wallet and it gets lost in the bag!!! It is VERY roomy!!! Here is what I carry: wallet, cell phone, mini-papillon (I use it as a make up bag), car keys on a cles, business card holder, cigs, agenda, brush and a few other small things and I still have room for more! The bag is very practical and GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  3. The Papillon 30 is bigger than I thought. I saw it in the store and I had to blink twice. It's pretty big. Some here have the 30 and they can probably tell you what fits in it.
  4. Oooooh! I forgot that it fit the mini-Papillon too! Now that's roomy!
  5. It looks so nice in the damier. You are so lucky.
  6. Does it sag over time since the weight might shift the cylinder askew?
  7. I saw the papillon 30 at the boutique and it is big and suprisingly roomy.
  8. I have the papillon 30 and it is very very roomy! It fits my Coach long wallet, cell phone, cosmetics, keys, mini papillon (used as a coin pouch), pens, comb, gum, etc. I love this bag because it's not too big and it's not too smal... it's just RIGHT for me! Prefect for work too!
  9. ^^^ Definitely what Irissy said! I have the Damier Papillon 30 too and I can fit anything I need to in it (wallet, keys, makeup, brush, etc.). But it's not quite as big as a Speedy so it's a little easier for me to run around with on a busy day. I love it in the Damier and mine doesn't sag or anything, the design keeps the bag from losing its shape. Go for it!
  10. hmmm, can anyone tell me what the 26 is like?? What could I fit in it?
  11. No, it doesn't sag. Canvas outside and leather lining on the inside help the bag keep it's sape.
  12. does it fit everything you'd put in your speedy 30 or 25 ? thanks

  13. Speedy 25 maybe, but speedy 30 fits a lot more stuff.
  14. thank you

    Looking at new bags is hard..