What fits in my Mazarine PM....


Oct 17, 2007
suburban Buffalo NY
Hi All! I am crazy in love with my Mazarine PM, it's lightweight, comfortable to carry and holds my daily needs with no problem. It's my daily use/work bag. I thought I would share what I can fit in it, in case anyone else is considering this beauty in PM and wants an idea of how much it holds.

I have in mine:
~ Monogram Cosmetic Pouch PM
~ Monogram TP15
~ Compact Curieuse Wallet in Empriente Noir
~ Key Pouch in Empriente Noir
~ Monogram Multicartes in Fuchsia

I also have room to fit my iPhone 6 Plus in the slip pocket. There's some room left, I can fit my Kindle or another item or 2 and it will zip if I add extras, just the magnet won't touch. Usually I just have what I have listed above. I love this bag, it's been such a great purchase! IMG_1490997646.654409.jpg IMG_1490997657.087690.jpg