What fits in a Karo PM!

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    I bought my Rouge Vif Chevre PM Karo make-up case and use it as a clutch. Here is what fits in it.

    Cellphone, Bluetooth headset, by Terry gloss compact and lip brush in velvet case, Bastia coin pouch, transport card, misc cards (CC, cinema tickets...), a fat pen and a hairstick, a bunch of bills.

    All my essentials (give or take a few things, depending on usage). I think it's pretty good (and pretty gorgeous too :biggrin:)
  2. WOW, Perja! And this is the PM????? Can you give the measurements please? I'm thinking seriously of getting one of these when I'm in NYC next week....
  3. I have GM size to hold my essentials in my Birkins or Kellys. What I have in my Karo is: benetint lip balm, tictac, a couple of pens, some women stuff:graucho: , candies, small hair brushes, a tube of hand lotion, a contact lenses case, a small bottle of contact lenses cleaser. I think I can still fit more stuff in if I want to...

    GM size holds amazing amount of stuff. You can use it as a clutch for evening out to fit all your make ups and other essentials. I love:heart: using Karo and the look of it. I am considering getting another one in different color( I am not sure which color I want yet...I am thinking about an orange one...) I have a vermillion red Karo GM right now.
  4. 6" long, 3.5" tall and 2" 1/4 wide (at widest), 1.5" wide (at thinnest)

    I would recommend getting one in chevre if you can, the smooshiness is gorgeous.
  5. Aspen, I would have gotten a GM too if they'd had R Vif or Raisin but my SA said they'd be discontinued :'(
  6. Perja-GM size is discoutinued or the two colors you mentioned? If GM size is dicontinued, I better hurry up to hunt down one!!!!!!!!!
  7. My SA mentionned that "they" were discontinued because of lack of demand. I do hope that is not true but in the computer, there are none available except those already in store and no deliveries planned for the next few months.
  8. Thanks! I guess I have to get another GM size soon before they are completely gone.
  9. I'd recommend that!
  10. Thanks for your great post Perja! I have a Rouge VIF in Chevre coming in this week as well--bought sight unseen by DH, so I had no idea what it looked like. Sad to hear it's being discontinued.
  11. wow it's so roomy! thanks for sharing!!
  12. which one is larger.. pm or gm ??
  13. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: boohoo...i should have gotten the karo rouge garance at SFO over the weekend. that was the only color they have. i wanted vert anis or cyclamen but instead got an orange clarisse for my overflowing receipts....
  14. I thought I overcame the desire to get one over the weekend but it is all coming back to me now! How am I gonna get it? My SA told me they do not have it here at my location.
  15. Thank you for sharing, Perja! Love your Karo clutch in chevre!!! :heart: I'm definitely hitting the store today to check it out! :P

    Gmel, GM is the bigger size :flowers:

    PM - Petite modele
    GM - Grande modele