What fits in a Karo GM!

  1. Long promised, here is the sequel to What fits in a Karo PM!



    Current payload:
    Phone, GM notebook, PM agenda, address book insert, USB key, bluetooth earpiece, by Terry gloss ball, tiny brush (not pictured).

    The phone strap serves as a wristlet so I can carry the Karo when I need to have my hands free :yahoo:

    I could have fitted my keys in there too but they're in my coat pocket. If I take out the GM agenda, I can fit my Bearn wallet lengthwise or a coin purse + ipod nano.
    IMG_1350.jpg IMG_1351.jpg
  2. Wow, now I GOTTA get me one of these!
  3. what leather is that? Epsom? I saw a yellow epsom karo GM and was seriously tempted...
  4. Wow...I need one of those :biggrin:
  5. ^^Me too. love it. Thanks for posting the information.
  6. It's Chèvre ;)
    It's quite smoochy but not as much as the PM one for some reason. Epsom would definitely be more rigid (I'd tried a Coral one back in the day)
  7. Great pictures Perja.
    Thanks so much.
  8. Thanks for sharing Perja, wow that's a lot of stuff in a clutch!
  9. LOve it, I have been wanting one of these...do they come in different sizes? what do they retail for?

    Would Hermes ship one to me?
  10. Holy Molly.. that fits a lot and it is so darn cute..
  11. There are two sizes, PM and GM.
  12. Wow, Perja, I had no idea how much fits in the Karo GM! Great pix!
  13. Very cool! It could double as a nice evening clutch!
  14. [​IMG]

    At the request of the lovely Cal (she-who-eats-wasabi-nuts). :roflmfao:

    A size reference. The card in the front of the Clarisse is a standard credit card/AMEX size.
  15. Poo, can't see the new pics Perja!