What first Vernis SLG item should I get?

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  1. Hi everyone, trying to find a Vernis item to add to my collection before the price increase. I just love how the vernis looks, but just not enough to invest in a bag.

    Looking for a statement vernis item that stands out without blowing the bank.
    I have SLGs - emp secret long wallet, DE cles, DE mini pochette, DE cosmetic pouch.
    I don't tend to use my empreinte wallet, it is just so pretty, I'm scared it is too delicate for every day, so I use my mini pochette as a wallet.

    Any suggestions appreciated. Preferably something really useful I can use every day.
    I was thinking the small zippy coin purse in Vernis, but not sure if I'd find it that useful.
  2. I have the cles in vernis--the beautiful red. Use it often for cash, cards, and my key of course. Also use it as a bag charm.
  3. Thanks I was thinking cles, but what color?
  4. Zippy! It can go unused with the empreinte wallet. Both are absolutely gorgeous!
  5. If you have DE or DA bags, the red pomme is gorgeous hanging as a bag charm. I bought mine to use with and as a charm for my DE speedy and Neverful.
  6. I vote the vernis cles. I love the cles, find it SO useful (fits DL, CCs, etc) and is easy to put in a smaller purse for nights out.

    Or one of those vernis heart coin purses that can double as a bag charm.
  7. Sarah wallet in Pomme for everyday use.
  8. Pomme is gorgeous...I also like Rouge Fauviste a lot. It depends on what colors call to YOU the most. Also, anything light colored is extremely susceptible to color transfer or dirt marks, so I tend to stay away from those items.
  9. Pomme cles is gorgeous!
  10. I say get the Cosmetic case. I just got the RI one and I love it. I use it almost every day.
  11. +1. The Sarah wallet in Pomme was my first vernis piece and my most loved LV item. I got complemented every time I brought her out. I used here everyday for almost 5 years and it still looks great. It's so easy to use and pretty carefree for the most part.
  12. +1 It looks amazing with all prints but is perfection with DE.

  13. I'm thinking to get the zippy too....
    but still unsure 'cause of scratches, etc.....
  14. +1 for cosmetic case
  15. It's okay .. buy it first to beat the price increase. When you are ready, you'll be able to use it. Think of it as a smart investment! :biggrin: