what first turned you on to hermes, as opposed to another designer

  1. What first made you interested in hermes? Besides family, what made you interested
  2. To start, besides my family, I was smitten by the quality of leather, the production, the wonderful prints on the scarves, the amazing longevity of the products...:flowers:
  3. It was by chance...I walked in faubourg Saint-Honoré and get out with my vert anis 32 chevre.
    And I was on the dark side since than...
  4. it was their silk and their pret a porter (the designs the craftsmenship the materials everything was just to my liking)
  5. When I read about the Kelly in Mode Magazine, 16 years ago as a teenager......I've been dreaming of one ever since!
  6. Seeing the beauty of a Kelly in person. I would see them on women and felt the elevated the wearer. I also loved the longevity of these bags, that they can be handed through the generations.
  7. tPF did this to me!!!!:P

    Seriously, the leather choices and colors available. Plus how timeless/classic the bags are!
  8. I have grown up surrounded by Ladies who lived Hermes (my aunts, my grandmother). Their bags are like an extension of our body in the family. I love the brand's "down-to-earth" feeling brought by their original activities as a horseware company. In a way, I see a saddle when I look at the stitches of my Kelly bag.

    To me, Hermès goes with a mansion in the Northern European countryside, a fireplace, plaids, wellington boots, straw, antique furniture, a raincoat and an umbrella... Running in the rainy streets of Paris... It is an instant link to my family roots.
  9. My family members have been craftsmen in Italy for generations. I was always made aware of top quality leather goods from around Europe. It has been in my blood since I can remember and I learned about Hermes at a very young age. My passion started when my eye was attracted to some of their pieces. They are just stunning and well-made and will be around for generations as avendome stated.
  10. Love this!:love:
  11. Love this! I totally agree.

    For me the love developed when I first saw a kelly some years ago. I thought it was the most elegant bag I had ever seen. So tasteful, understated, etc.
  12. Walking up and down Collins Street in Melbourne (LV, Chanel, Bvlgari, etc all located on that Street) and always passing by that H boutique.. looking at the window displays. The beauty of the scarves and the pretty leather colours are just too much for a girl to resist for long.
  13. Okay, I'll answer truthfully.

    My mother had a lot of different bags in her life. Her treasures were always Hermes, her croc Birkin (Which my sister has) was her pride and joy, I really never understood why she loved them so much. And why when she wore her Hermes bags she always dressed very classy! It was like a switch-light would turn on.

    When she passed away and I took in some of her bags, I started to look at the quality, still not really knowing what I was holding in my hands. I mean I knew Hermes was top notch but I really didn't know much of the bags and the company's history. I noticed that some of the bags she had since I was a little girl still looked brand new!!! I would compare them to my Louis Vuitton's and other bags and I noticed that you could never compare the two. I also noticed that they smelled good! Like real leather!!! So the more I studied the bags and looked at them the more I fell in love with them. Hence tracking down my first Kelly (thanks to TPF) then a Birkin, then another Birkin, then my first constance, then a Birlingot and so on and so on.

    Another fetish I have developed is collecting scarf's, oh my I can not stress how I never wore scarf's because it was to "old lady" for me. I love the details and the silk, they are true pieces of art. Now I'm not only collecting new scarfs but I'm collecting rare hard to find vintage scarfs, oh and anything with a date code F in a circle!!!

    I love Hermes, the quality exceeds all other's there for I could never buy anything other than Hermes. These are timepieces that I will pass down to my daughters one day. And hopefully they can pass them down to my grand kids.
  14. Bagg, what a lovely story! Thankyou for sharing. :flowers: I totally agree about the beauty of the scarves and the quality of the leather goods. Although I don't own any scarves atm, I am trying to learn as much about it as possible, going thru old threads and of course the scarf sticky in the H reference pages. They are done with so much time, energy and thought. I'm hoping that in time, I too will become somewhat of a collector.

    Could you pls enlighten me though on what the significance of the date code F in a circle is?
  15. Sue - the date codes in a circle are the previous set before the current ones that are in a square. The current 2006 year is a j in a square. If you count to A, you will get the first square year of 1997.

    The years 1971-1996 had the circles... my brain is tired now so 1976 should correspond to F in a circle!