What first turned you on to Coach???

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  1. I thought it would be fun to find out how we all became Coach lovers!!
    Who remembers the Coach item they saw that started the obsession??? For me it was the Coach green optic print with the ladybug on it. I never did get one but I remember being soo in love with it. Here's a pic:

  2. Just very recently got my first Coach bag - on Black Friday of this year, no less.

    I wanted to know what I'd bought and went searching, and after looking at the purses on their website I was like WOW. NICE!! It's the styles I've always liked, I usually have to hunt for one bag I like and here was a website full of bags I LOVED!

    Then I found TPF and well...it's all downhill for my bank account now :rolleyes:.
  3. WAAAAAY back in June of this year, I had some time to kill and went into the relatively new Coach outlet store at the outlets that were about 45 min from my house in MD (and also happened to be conveniently located on my way home from where I run a lot of errands). Went in and fell in love. I bought a pink suede swingpack-like duffle that day but decided to return it because I was worried about it getting too dirty. I went to another Coach outlet in DE (which was a large signature outlet! :drool:) and bought my purple mini-sig duffle. Not too long after I did a Google search for "Coach purse forums" and ended up here...now I have 7 bags and many accessories :smile:. If it weren't for tPF, I wouldn't know about PCE and gotten 25% off of my Carly and found out about the Alis going to the outlets. Also I love to talk with people that get my obsession with Coach bags. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! :love::flowers:
  4. I started carrying Coach in 1986 after spying what was then called the Large Duffle Sac in a local department store. I thought it would be the perfect book bag for college, but as a college student, I couldn't afford it.

    I had to settle for a tiny red bag whose name escapes me now. I wish I still had my Coach catalogues from the 80s. I still have that red bag and I eventually did manage to get a Large Duffle Sac in a beautiful periwinkle blue color.

    My collection is expansive as it spans 21 years of collecting.
  5. I fell in love with Coach years ago after learning that the company started with the artisans wanting to make leather handbags to age and wear like a baseball glove. I grew up in the culture of baseball and so this was a very important thing to my little self. I vowed to one day own Coach and met my goal! Now I have a crapload! LOL!!!
  6. Since I just bought my first bag I can remember everything about wanting one. I have always thought of Coach to be a classy bag. When I saw someone with one I just thought of the Hamptons or Marthas Vinyard. I guess thats why I got the Hamptons Hobo.
  7. Back in high school (graduated in 2005) I remember thinking the bags with the "C's" all over them were really cool looking, haha. I think what first attracted me was the line they came out in the spring/summer of 2005 with the rainbow scribble sig bags. I bought my first coach bag the beginning of 2006, it was a patchwork hobo. I've got 2 more this year, and maybe one more on the way!:upsidedown:
  8. Everyone at work said it was the bag to have. So right before Christmas '06, my future hubby and I were walked into the boutique and looked at all the bags and he said if he was going to spend over $500 for a purse it was going to be all leather. Next thing I knew we walked out with Black Ali.....she is still my favorite bag...............He and I are hooked on legacy and the Miranda.
  9. I had a friend who carried a lot of Coach bags. She was carrying her Carly signature medium in black, and I fell in love with it. We were shopping and we walked into my local Coach, and I saw the black leather Carly and loved it, but didn't love the price.

    I went back in and looked at it a million times until finally I just bought it! The obsession continued from there...
  10. back in 2003 when i was an 8th grader my friends would talk about how they wanted a Coach bag, i had no idea what Coach was! i was reading one of their blogs and there was a picture of a Signature Demi in Khaki. It was LOVE at first site...i knew I had to have one! Later on that year when I started high school I saw a lot of girls with Coach so I asked my parents and for christmas I got a Signature Demi in black.
  11. A looooong time ago when I first started in the business world, I noticed that most of the classy female executives carried Coach bags. The Willis bag was a very popular bag, and I just had to have something Coach. My boyfriend at the time (now my DH!) took me to a Coach store and bought me a gray leather bag. I thought I was sooo professional. I still have that bag. Its kinda plain and not very attractive in my opinion now, but back then I was very proud of it. Since then its pretty much been the only brand of bag I carry. I stopped w/Coach every couple of years and tried some cheaper trendy purses, but my heart was always w/Coach. I have several signature pieces now, but I'm mostly a leather girl.
  12. This was my first bag. My husband bought it for me in khaki signature/natural trim in Nov. 2004 when I was pregnant with our first child. I had seen Coach bags around and always thought they were nice but didn't really think much of it. We both had a week off of work and we drove down to Seattle to look for some stylish maternity clothes(I wanted to go to A Pea in the Pod....everything up here was absolutely hideous at the time!) After shopping around for a few hours, we were getting ready to go and head back home when I noticed a Coach store. I wanted to go have a look so we went in and I fell in love with this bag. Of course, there was no way he was going to say no to a pregnant woman....LOL!!!....so this became my first piece....and started a major obsession! I now have WAY TOO MANY bags. I don't use my first bag anymore and it is still in perfect condition. I can't bear to get rid of it though because it reminds me of my first pregnancy and all of the excitement associated with it!
  13. When I started my teaching job, one of my coworkers was telling me about how she got a bag from the students and I noticed some of the kids even had them (which I now recognize to be fakes, but whatever starts the obsession right?) and so I was like I really like the whole C thing, so I bought a fake (it's long gone now!), but that just didn't do it and a year ago I just went into Macys and bought my brown/brown Soho flap... and the obsession has since grown tremendously...
  14. Was it a boy or a girl? Because that bag is the PERFECT baby boy blue...
  15. It was a boy but I actually got the bag in Khaki signature with natural trim. I think that light blue one came out the summer after my little guy was born.