What "First" color for first Bbag?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I know it's a tough choice, but I can only get one =(. Please help me decide what to get for my first Bbag.

    Marigold First
    Grape First
    Tomato First
    Black First

    Any one?

    Thanks in advance!:tup:
  2. before I read your thread, I was thinking my top 3 colors for a first are:

    black (use it all the time)
    violet (great accent bag, a little more fun than black)
    red (want it, don't have it)

    not much help, am I?
  3. This is my order of preference:

  4. Well... there are several considerations.

    1. Is this a first and only or first of many?
    2. What does your wardrobe look like?
    3. Where would you be wearing it mostly?

    If you need something for pure practicality, go for the black. However, black is made every season and if this is the first of many... go for something else.

    IMO, this is my rankings (assuming you'll eventually get Bbag #2)
    1. Violet- this is an amazing color and works well with so much.
    2. Black- It's a neutral but you can always find it later.
    3. Tomato- Balenciaga does red so well, and there's nothing better than a red bag
    4. Marigold- cute, fun, but a little harder to fit into the wardrobe.
  5. Black!
  6. Tomato!
  7. I say violet or black!
  8. My choice.. For a "first" bag, it'll be a toss between the Violet or Tomato Red, I'm on hunt for Violet... I would get a City or other bigger size bag in the Black. Marigold would look lovely on a day or step style...
  9. my opinion, in order of preference...


    black is nice, but violet is so much more interesting, IMO
  10. moving to the main forum for better response...
  11. i'd say tomato or black!
  12. I think I made it more difficult when I posted my question ;)

    I have seen the Tomato First and it looks so gorgeous! So maybe I'm down to Tomato OR Black First..

    My order of preference was:

    Tomato First
    Marigold (its kinda hard to match with outfits I agree but looks really pretty)
  13. Black (like everyone said, matches with almost everything)
  14. Grape or Marigold!!!
  15. Black or Grape :smile:

    I love those colours by Balenciaga.

    I am very new to each, individual style. I know the difference between First, City, Brief, Work....

    however, what is the difference between the City and the Part Time?

    I looked in the style forum and saw beautiful individual colours for each, but still do not know the difference...

    thank you so much... if anyone could answer that :biggrin:

    i wanted to post a new thread asking, but it's soooo small of a question to do that :smile: