What First Balenciaga Bag Must Have??

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  1. i want to buy Balenciaga, but not sure which one to choose since there are various range..please help me!
  2. It will be easier for us to help you if we know how much you carry, if you like smaller/larger bags and what colors you like!
  3. I find that Pf'ers first bags are usually the city or the classique. Mine was a black classique (safe choice) but then I decided that it was too small for every day use. My second bbag was a city (perfect size) in color. Whatever you decide make sure it's something you think you'd wear a lot.
  4. ITA with LG, choose a bag that will work with your wardrobe and lifestyle first.

    My first bbag was a Black City and I loved it so much I bought a Black Work too. I'm thinking I couldn't go wrong with a Black First either!!

    But I live a fast-paced life, shifting quickly between work and play so the light goat leather and the versitility of the City and Work are especially welcome in my collection.
  5. What about starting off with a First, Twiggy or City in a gorgeous blue like Periwinkle?
  6. If you have to choose only one bag...step one is to decide on color. Most people would say black. For some, a shade of brown or caramel might be preferred. Next, you have to figure out how much stuff you want to carry and whether or not you need/want a shoulder bag only or one that can be carried by the handles.

    After buying and selling approx 15 bags, I now only have one bag, a blueberry first. Holds all of my crap, can be carried by the handles or with the shoulder strap, and the color is neutral for MY wardrobe of jeans and tees.

    There are so many details we need to know about someone before we can suggest a bag!
  7. my first b-bag was a black city too. the size is perfect for me but it reallys depends on the size you like to carry. go to a store and try out the size first. and then from the size, you can decide on a color. good luck!
  8. my first b-bag was a twiggy in ivory (i believe, not sure about the color's name) which i got last week and i am pretty excited about :wlae:
  9. I agree wtih MRG that it would be easier if you could tell us roughly what kind of bag you're looking for. If you want a basic bag, go for a black City or the smaller Classique. If you want something that really "pops", Balenciaga has an amazing color range. Talk to us some more -- we'll give you so many opinions your head will spin!
  10. i need a bag for daily use, casual and lots of space..i think city is perfect but need opinion since no bbag boutique in Malaysia.. thanx all :okay: if i happen to buy the bag, most probably i choose from styledrops, but the price is slightly expensive right?
  11. I think the city is the best starting bag. While it didn't work for me, I think it is overall Balenciaga's most popular style, so its a great starting point.
  12. I have been thinking the same thing...I want to get a BBag, I know it has to be white, and I think the First will be a good start for me. I don't like larger bags for everyday, so I am looking forward to (someday?!?!) getting my first First white BBag!!