What Fendi do you want "Santa" to bring

  1. Hi with the Christmas season fast approaching I was wondering what Fendi Handbag would you most wish for "Santa" to bring and put under the christmas tree. You can only have 2. So out of all the Fendi bags what would your Christmas wish be?

    Mine would be (no surprise their)
    Green bubbly Spy
    Dark Green/Gold Hologram:yahoo:
  2. I just saw this one on NAP today and fell in love :love: My husband just booked a cruise for us to go on in February and I've been hinting all day that for a cruise I need a "cruisebag" :angel: Not sure he'll go for it though :s
  3. It would have to be a Spy...not too fussy about colours but cognac or chocolate would be a dream come true!:love:
  4. A Cherry Spy would be divine!
  5. ^^ a cherry spy for me too!:yes: and a petrol and black too if Santa thinks i've been a good girl.
  6. ivory "bag du jour" from Barneys!
  7. A fendi b-bag with black canvas and red patent/white/blue buckles... Divine!
  8. Well, I know I want a zucca spy. I'm not sure what my other choice would be. Maybe a basic black or a squirrel spy.
  9. Well if we're talking DREAM bags - cracked Suede Spy or one of those luscious couture ones (Canvas and Pearl or the colorful Wisteria).:love: Come on Santa, I've been good this year!!:lol:
  10. Wow what a brilliant wish list. Icechick you really do need a cruise bag lets hope "Santa" brings you one, and tpa190108 beautiful choice lets hope we have all been good enough to get our hearts desire (and "Santa" takes a look at this thread)
  11. I would LOVE to have the chocolate baby spy:heart: ! the leather is TDF! though i prefer the spy itself, but it looks silly on me as im 5,3 only!
  12. :heart: I'd love a cracked suede too. So so Beautiful:drool:
  13. Easy! A zucca spy and a black spy!!!!!! Went to Fendi boutique during lunch today and fell in love with both of 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. Have you tried it on? I am 5'3 also and I love the look. With that said my BF knows the only thing I want for Christmas is a Honey Spy! :drool: Let's hope he goes for it :yes:
  15. python spy and long tote bag!