What Fendi Bag would you recommend?

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  1. I've been on a purse spree these few months and I am thinking to getting a Fendi or two (thanks to my darling husband's approval - kinda like a post partum mommy makeover spree).

    I would like to get a zucca print Fendi classic and what would you ladies recommend that isn't too small and yet an evergreen classic?

    Also as I also want to get a spy, what spy color would you recommend (full leather and not those funny fabric prints or mix zucca etc)?
  2. Do you have a Fendi store (or Saks, etc.) near you? IMO, Fendi bags look much different in person than in photographs, so if you can try a few out, it would be the best. There have been bags in pics (the Dr. B) that I didn't care for, and in person are stunning. The opposite is true also though -- I really liked the Fendi twins tote in photos, and it wasn't my favorite in person.
  3. Ok will take your advice and try out the bags. I see alot of rave about the spy and I am trying rather hard to like it but it isn't a natural attraction. I still want to get one as it is suppose to be a timeless piece right? Others I would assume are like the chef style bags or hobos. I am not too keen on the twin style too. A little businessey. The B style bags look quite good but a little busy. I am really torn. Do you think those chef large or shoulder style bags are nice? They seem nicer and cuter if they are smaller but I am not really a small bag kinda girl. Thanks for your advice.
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    I recommend the Fendi Peekaboo bag! Don't get the spy especially if you don't even really like it. It's an older style IMO and is not a classic bag (the resale value is pretty disappointing too). No offense to people who have it (I had one too back in 2006). Here are some pics of the Peekaboo bag (comes in small, medium, and large). There are many versions with suede/zucca interiors (if you want zucca). I have even seen the beige version with a snakeskin lining at Bloomies and it's gorgeous! If you check the Fendi Peekaboo threads there are also animal skin versions coming out this season....HTH


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    How about the bag de jour, on NM site it shows it comes in the zucca print or black.
    The Chef bag is cute too and love the Chef rainbow tote, so pretty.

    Also, here's another bag I thought was cute, medium size too, pattern is steel zucca pattern print. I like this because it's obviously Fendi but the steel print is a nice change from the brown zucca.

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  6. oh you think the spy is older style and not really in fashion anymore? owe? If I do get it I was thinking of a full leather - no funny detailings. Maybe a brown or a cognac or a blue perhaps.

    I really like a chef too. I've seen several on ebay amd are not that expensive but don't know if it is real.

    Lorebunde, I like the silver mama fendi. yes looks good.

    Gotbighair, I'll check out the peekaboo. Have never really stop to look at that one.
  7. I think the spy is a classic bag but thats just my thoughts. I love the cognac one very rich looking. I have the blue one and love it! Good luck, curious to see what bag you decide on.....so many choices
  8. Like LOREBUNDE, my friend loves her cognac spy bag...she loves the size and the look of it. She knows it's not as popular anymore but she still loves it and uses it all the time.

    I just define a classic bag by it's resale value and consistent popularity. I mean, if it was still so coveted, why am I seeing Fendi Spy bags at resellers for $895-1100 (my spy cost me 2600 and it was sold for $895 at a resale shop - Fashionphile btw). If you look at Chanel flaps, they sell for almost retail value (some even higher). That's what I meant by it not being considered a classic, IMO. :P A couple of years ago, it used to be all over the place...recently I haven't seen it at all.

    But what it comes down to is if YOU like the bag. It doesn't matter what other people think. Good luck on your hunt. We can't wait for your reveal!! :graucho:
  9. I think for the spy, it will definately be the cognac or the blue one. I'll shop around for a bargain and won't buy it new as i don't really like it that much but don't mind having one in the collection - still trying to like it and if possible love it. Some pieces are a little to wrinkley or pimpley for my liking.

    As for the other classic bag - preferably a zucca, I am thinking maybe a de jour in zucca? However I really like one of those classic zucca bags with the little dangling fendi charm. The de jour doesn't have it but most of the chefs do. Any other Fendi with the charm in zucca you would recommend?

    The B bag is also great as I really love the B buckles in the Fendi belts but that would be a third Fendi I suppose. Haven't really looked at the peekaboos or secret code but definately not the seleria (I think that is how it is spelled). Still learning about Fendi. Have been more of a Gucci and LV main stream gal and since having the greenlight from my hubby to expand my collection, I am thinking of 2 Fendis, a Dior, a Prada (bought one from Ebay but the ladies at the Prada forum think it is a fake but CarolDiva authenticated it as real), a Burberry Mega Checks (saw one I love but it is almost 2K as it is spanking new) and perhaps a Chanel.
  10. If you don't really like the Spy, even finding one for a bargain isn't really a bargain -- esp. if you won't use it and love it. Why not put the money you'd spend on a Spy toward the Burberry bag that you really want??
  11. I really like the burberry except for one thing which has been keeping me from getting one, the weight. The bags are all so heavy even with nothing in them. I carry my kids stuff inside including bibs, cutlery, diapers and even milk dispenser (not bottles though) and it would really be quite weighty.

    I tried on a cognac and I think I like it as an arm bag more than it on the shoulder. Ohhh.. anyway that is why I am on a hunt for a bargain authentic one and not willing to pay full price. But you are right, I am beginning to consider if I should drop it. Still haven't seen or fallen in love with the other Fendi bag that I want to buy.
  12. Chef
    Maxi Shoulder Baguette
  13. i've been asking the ladies at the authenticate forum and seems like my spy hunt has been in vain. saw a cognac brown and also a blue and both looks like fakes although I really like them.

    I also saw 2 de jours and am kinda torn. One is a chenelle material and another normal. i haven't seen a nice chef yet,

    Southern-Belle, you mentioned Chef - Maxi Shoulder Baguette
    Is that the xl chef?
  14. There's some spys on Annsfabulousfinds but probably more than what you would pay on ebay. There is a taupe one for $1250?
  15. Chef

    FENDI Chef.jpg

    The Chef looks better in person. I prefer the one with the darker brown leather. I like the De Jour bag as well.

    Maxi Shoulder Baguette
    fendi Maxi Baguette.jpg