what feedback should I leave?

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  1. hi ladies (and occasional gents)

    I've been buying on ebay for a couple of years, and it's all been great until now. before I make a purchase I always exchange a few emails with the seller and agree on the terms of the transaction. I always pay the second I win the auction.

    this time I was interested in a pair of shoes and I asked the seller all the questions before bidding. The shoes were over a hundred dollars, so I asked the seller if they would mark them below their value. when I ask this I know some sellers are uncomfortable with it so I always emphasize that I would respect their decision, no hard feelings, but that I had to ask. this seller agreed to do it, so I bought the shoes.

    I even payed them an extra 20$ for the shipping, you now, for their trouble. they sent them via priority while they easily could have sent them via express and still have a few extra dollars left. when the shoes arrived I got the note from the customs. I was surprised because when the sellers mark the item in the way we agree customs never open it. so I sent the seller a message asking how they marked the item and they told me that they printed the form from paypal so the full value was there automatically. BUT the cunning seller whitened one number out with the correction pen! :weird: :facepalm:

    I got the shoes today and saw that the "whitened" number is very clearly visible under the correction fluid. I payed the tax and customs and all that jazz.

    so what do I do? the shoes are "as described" but the seller is clearly incompetent and I also feel that the shipping could have been faster for the price I payed.
  2. what you did is illegal, so you deserved to pay the fees. you cant give a neg. feedback for that
  3. I'm not sure why you'd be unhappy, as you seem to know that it's illegal for sellers to lie on customs forms, and you stated that you'd understand if she didn't want to. Despite that she's not supposed to, she tried to accommodate your request, and the shoes are what you ordered.

    If you leave negative FB for the seller not lying for you, eBay will remove it.

    In regard to the shipping, do you mean that you paid an extra $20 for Express Mail specifically, or just that you paid $20 more for international shipping than what was listed as the domestic cost? If her shipping cost was $20 less than what she charged you, you might leave a comment about it :shrugs:
  4. I hardly think your seller was "cunning" or even "incompetent" really.

    You say you paid more shipping just for her trouble ? did you agree she would send via a different method than stated on the listing ? Or did you just send the extra money as a little thankyou for undervaluing ? I'm a little confused.

    I don't think you can leave a neg or a neutral here, the shoes are described, if the shipping could have been faster then ding the strars.
  5. Lowering the value on the customs form doesn't always work. Sometimes customs inspects the package and will re-evaluate it if they believe it was undervalued. It is a risk you take as a buyer when you shop internationally.

    If the shoes are as described, leave a positive.
  6. leave positive. She tried to follow through with your request and what you wanted her to do was illegal!
  7. I agree with the others.

    What you asked the seller to do is (a) illegal, (b) against eBay rules, (c) unfair to the seller. Yet, the seller tried to accommodate your request. To call her incompetent in light of your expectations is unreasonable, IMO. She could say the same and more about you.

    The seller did try to help you with customs (when she didn't have to), you got your shoes in a reasonable amount of time, they're legit and as described. If that's not a Positive, IDK what is.
  8. Leaving a negative is completely inappropriate if the shoes were as described. If you live somewhere that the customs system is tight, you have to expect that your packages may be opened.

    In relation to the timing for shipping, what date was postmarked on the package for when it left the seller? The seller cannot control the time that customs spend checking out your package. Did it leave the seller within 7 days of payment? If so, it meets standards? A seller posting within 1-2 days of my paying for something means 5 stars on timing to me.
  9. seriously this is why people dont want to sell on the bay, why a neg because you paid customs duties?

    boo hoo
  10. #10 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    thank you for your input.

    I would never leave a neg feedback for something like this, I didn't even mention it in my first post, I'm not an idiot and I'm not rude. I was just asking for your advice and opinion. maybe I should have specified it. I wanted to know what to write in the feedback - should I mention the shipping? because when I went to toolhaus the seller had one neutral where someone mentioned they charged express but sent priority. so I think I'll leave a positive but ding the stars on shipping, because that should have been handled better.

    of course I'm aware that marking items under their true value is illegal, like I said - I ask the seller to lie and it's not something I'm proud of. I don't wanna even get into that discussion (casting stones etc.). we should be so lucky that all people respected rules and regulations to the letter. if you all do it and never ever bend any rules and always do everything the right way, never pull anyone's sleeve, never ask anyone to turn the blind eye - kudos to you, I admire you, really, I do.

    my problem is that I always very clearly and politely ask BEFORE anything and if the seller doesn't agree I say thank you and move on. it's their right to say "no". if I had known that this seller couldn't or didn't want to mark the item under the original value I never would have bought it from her - that's my problem. I say "incompetent" because the seller said "ok, I CAN do it" and then later when I got a call from the customs the seller said "sorry, I didn't know how to do it".
    whitening the price so that it's still visible - why? why bother? they should have just told me "sorry, I can't do it/don't know how" etc.
  11. in my opinion you shouldnt even ask, as it is illegal. Of course people bend the rules sometimes, but there is a difference between bending the rules, and breaking the law!

    As for your question, if she stated express, but sent it priority, i would ding the shipping stars, since it wasnt sent as stated in the auction.
  12. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the post, but you won't buy from someone unless they'll lie on a customs form for you?
  13. So because the seller didn't go out of her way to break the law for you, you're going to think about leaving her a negative or neutral?!

    You shouldn't ding her stars because someone else left neutral for shipping. Did this seller say on the listing to ship express but shipped priority FOR YOU? Because that's what matters.

    Bottom line is you never should have asked the seller to undervalue the item. IT IS ILLEGAL. You got what you deserved from customs.