What feedback should I leave?

  1. I won an item on the 1st and paid immediately, he said he would ship on sat 5th, first class within UK so, I should've got it on the 6/7th. I emailed him on the 8th asking if he had managed to send it yet, and if not when he was going to.
    I got no reply from him, so yesterday I filed a claim with paypal (he's a new seller) and he responded immediately saying he was called away ALL week and hes sending it today
    Personally I think this is bull$%^t, but anyway, when/if I eventually receive them, what feedback should I leave?
  2. Today is the 14th, which is NINE days after he said he would send. Email him, telling him that you were told that he would ship on this date, and anticipated the item because of what he told you. Suggest that he should discount or refund shipping since he didn't uphold his end of the contract. If he refunds, leave him good feedback that says the shipping was slow but he refunded. Otherwise, make sure you put slow shipping even if you give him a positive mark.
  3. I believe eBay states that a Seller has up to 30 days to ship out. I have seen this mentioned here numerous days.

    Really, He could have been tied up. Sometimes life really does get in the say. So, I would rush to say he is lying.

    Id wait until you ge the item and go from there!

    With the new rating system, maybe just saying shipping was average (or whatever the middle choice is)

    Good luck!
  4. It is unfortunate that he did not respond earlier. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt though as perhaps he was away and it could not be helped. Sometimes life happens.

    If I were to receive the item and be happy with it, satisfied that I was not gouged on excessive shipping, etc., I would leave positive feedback even though it took longer than expected to arrive.

    If I was dissatisfied with the turn around time along with other aspects of this transaction, I'd leave feedback accordingly or no feedback at all.
  5. Ya I recently bought a pair of shoes on eBay and saw that the rating system has change a little. There is still the space for you to write what you thought but now they added seperate rating with stars (from 1 to 5) on shippping cost, on item description, on communication and on shipping time. And, its stated under these ratings that the seller will not be able to see how you many stars you've rated him on these.
  6. Okay, thanks girls :smile: I will update when it gets here :smile:
  7. Don't be too quick to jump on him with a poor feedback. I think that sometimes buyers forget that stuff does crop up and that not everyone can get to the post office quickly.

    If it doesn't turn up within the next 48 hours then say you want your money back
  8. Im not annoyed with how long it took to receive it, im more annoyed that he specifically said when he'd send it and he didnt, his lack of communication, and how he suddenly responds 1 hour after filing a claim with paypal.

    I got them this morning so im gonna leave + but state it took 2 weeks to receive...sound fair?
  9. Yes that's fair, and mark his stars down accordingly
  10. thanks :smile:
  11. Oh and does anyone know when they introduced Designer fees?!!!!!!?
  12. Ages ago. I stopped using them, a little HTML coding and you can come up with something WAAAY better that the schemes eBay charge for
  13. Personally, I think this guy deserves at least a neutral. I can see why some people are saying give him the benefit of the doubt, but if we all do that, we end up with cruddy sellers who never get anything less than positive feedback despite their bad behavior. If this really is an anomaly for him, then the one neg/neutral on his record won't hurt him too badly. If he IS a bad seller, then others might leave neg/neutrals and then buyers are warned and the feedback system works.
  14. But his only "crime" was to be slow on despatch. Sorry but to my mind that does not warrant a neut and definitely not a neg.

    VenetiaWanter hasn't said she is unhappy with the item just with his poor communication skills.
  15. Not correct, eBay allows 7 days to ship, you can file "item not received" after the 10th day.
    Good luck