What feedback should I leave this buyer?

  1. In short, the auction ended 5/10, buyer paid right away and asked to ship asap since its a gift. Buyer receives on 5/15 then claims it was unauthorized use. I won the claim today 5/17 and she leaves me positive feedback today. :huh: No emails explaining why.

    I am really iching to leave her a negative for making me go through all this. Is this right?
  2. I would, you have to be honest when posting feedback to warn other sellers.
  3. How does this sound:
    "Filed false claim after receiving the package. Seller Beware."
  4. What did the buyer meant by unauthorized use? If she gave you a positive feedback.. I don't think you should give her a negative. Maybe a neutral explaining what happened.
  5. Maybe you could email her asking for an explanation before giving her feedback. I agree with galiano about the neutral feedback and explanation. It could have just been a mistake. I had a seller claim I hadn't paid for something, and when I emailed and told him the MO number, and that it had already shipped, he checked and found he had just made a mistake. It happens.
  6. Was this a paypal claim she filed? If she put you through all that, you definitely should leave some sort of warning and neg feedback..scammers should not get away with their scams.
  7. Maybe a neutral and explain?
  8. How strange! :blink:
    I would def. email and get the backstory first.
  9. I agree with galiano the whole thing sounds shady, but if you don't want to leave - or + feedback neutral is def the way to go. :yes:
  10. I just emailed the seller so I guess I will see what her story is before leaving her feedback. Thanks! I will update later.

    I dont know.

    Yes, it was. Paypal took the money from my existing funds so that they may investigate. The money is back into my account now.
  11. So the claim is still filed? Doesn't it take 10 days to resolve a claim? That's really weird. It seems like she was trying to get away with something, but I'm not sure what. That's usually the case when people leave a positive feedback mere days after filing a claim (with no explanation). It may also be that she left you positive feedback in hopes that you would not leave a negative after her claim. Somethings fishy. Let us know what her response is, I hope it was just an honest mistake, but i don't know......