what feedback do I leave?

  1. I won an item that was described as being in excellent condition and only used once.
    I don't like to buy used things on eBay but since this is an old item and it's very difficult to find new with tags, I bid on the item. The seller shipped the item very quick and I was impressed. When I open my package I get this very much used item with stains on the inside. The item was not near excellent condition. This is what bothered me the most. I expected a brand new looking item not a used one. So I contacted the seller and told her how I felt and asked about her return policy.I got an email back saying she would refund me about 40% off or I could ship it back. So I decided to keep the item. Now I don't know what feedback to leave her. I don't think she deserves a negative since she worked out something with me. But what do I say? Should I say something about working the problem out? I don't know. Please help.

  2. Maybe a neutral and say that the item wasn't as represented but the seller did work something out with you?
  3. If you are satisfied, I just wouldn't leave feedback at all, but that's just me. I wouldn't want to get retaliatory feedback.
  4. I wouldn't leave feedback either....let it slide.....
  5. if she was accomodating and helpful i would perhaps still leave a positive but state that bag was obviously used but seller refunded part of the payment
  6. Why can't you leave her a positive? Feedback should be about the overall transaction - not just one part of it. If you are satisfied with the way she handled the issue (which it seems like you are because you're keeping the bag), then there's nothing wrong with leaving a positive along the lines of, "Shipped quickly and dealt with my issue in a timely and professional manner".

    I would never leave someone a neutral after accepting a 40% discount. If I felt that bad about the condition of the bag and the misrepresentation, I would've just returned it instead and only then maybe left appropriate feedback.

    Good luck!
  7. She tried to make good on it, you're keeping it. A positive is appropriate, but you might want to mention there were issues, but resolved. Something like that.
  8. I would leave positive feedback, she was responsive and gave you a good discount.
  9. If you were happy with the outcome as far as her response and attitude I probably would just leave a positive and say the item was somewhat different than described but the seller worked with you to fix the problem.
  10. Well said! :yes:
  11. ITA. You had the option of returning the bag but accepted the discount instead. The Seller shouldn't be penalized.:jammin:
  12. I agree, she did what she could to make you happy. If you can't leave a positive I wouldn't leave anything at all.
  13. I would def. leave her a positive, as she was quick to apologize and to offer a good refund. I had a very similar experience last week (sold as "used once"), except that it was listed with stolen pics and description and the seller flatly denied everything. After my second email she threatened to report me for 'harassment', so I filed a paypal-claim (here's the thread: Bag sold as "worn only once" - but it's broken and battered, what to do???)
  14. JMO, but I don't think the seller deserves a positive. She advertised it as worn once when it wasn't, and the OP was lured into buying it for that reason. Even though she got a discount and was "satisfied" with it, to me that is somewhat less than positive because she thought she was getting a like new bag. I would not leave any feedback.
  15. i agree...

    i would leave a neutral...if the seller was honest and wrote in the auction the bag was used the OP would not have bid on it. She was lying on her auction:tdown: