What Fashion "Rules" Do You Obey ?

  1. I'm sure everyone has there own opinions or rules.

    So, What Fashion Rules Do You Obey ?
  2. Hmm...I think the only rule that I actually follow is not wearing bright "happy" close at funerals. LOL. Other than that, I like to do my own thing even if it "violates" a rule. :P
  3. recently...i have noticed that people have been pairing brown tops with black pants or vice versa...that is really a pet peeve of mine...im also very conservative when it comes to funeral dress...other than that...nothing else comes to mind
  4. I ONLY wear what looks good/suits ME! I don't care if something is in style: if it doesn't look good on me, I wouldn't wear it!:nuts:
  5. I ONLY wear clothes that fit! LOL!
  6. Good one swankymama...now if everyone else could obey this rule as well LOL :nuts:
  7. Agreed!!! Wearing clothes that fit you properly and flatter your body type will go a lot further than wearing a 'trend', just for the sake of wearing a 'trend'.

    Oh, and please... NO white nylons w/ black pumps!!! :amazed: :biggrin:
  8. I actually like some shades of brown with black...so I'm definitely not holding up that rule:smile: For some reason, the no white pants or shoes in the winter rule has stuck with me...but I definitely start wearing them before memorial day -- it's been in the 70's here and nice and sunny, so I've broken out the white!
  9. I just wear whatever I thinks is pretty and suits my face type and body shape (:. If it's super gorgeous looking online or on another person and looks bad on me... no way.
  10. My fashion rule is not to follow any.
  11. Or. Black nylons and White pumps ~~~` one ends up looking like Minnie Mouse. :shame:
  12. If it matches and suits the occassion, wear it.

    If you don't love it, don't get it.
  13. No mini skirts over 35
  14. no browns and blacks??? I always do this :sad:
  15. My only fashion rule: Don't look like a cheap ho.
    Other than that, anything goes (except for ultra formal occasions like funerals)